2014 - Year of the Wood Horse - Chinese Astrology

2014 Personal Forecast
Bill Hajdu
What can we expect from President Obama for the next few years. Will the world economy recover? Will there be more natural disasters in 2014? Are you looking for answers to these questions as well as your own person questions?
2014 Financial Forecast
Susan Levitt
Changing times have most of us questioning, what can I do to get ahead in my finances? Wood Horse year 2014 is the time of action, movement, conflict, independence, and fast change. Financial events and politics are...
2014 Relationship Forecast
Bill Hajdu
Looking for love in all the wrong places? Have no fear! 2014, the Year of the Horse is an exciting year full of romance and flings. While it may not be the best year for relationships, we've got some tips to help you make the best of it.

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Bill Hajdu
2014 Financial Forecast
Astrologer Susan Levitt created a very detailed money report to know exactly what 2014 has in store for you! Powerful and mystical Horse year is time for rebirth and transformation in all areas of your life -- and that includes your finances. Learn more


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October 25, 2014
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The Almanac Says

what to do
Sign A Contract
Attend Religious Activity
Start A Business
Move Homes
what not to do.png
Make Decisions
Home Repair
Make A Major Purchase
Take Legal Action
lucky hours
11pm – 1am The Hour of The Rat rat
5pm – 7pm The Hour of The Rooster Rooster
1am – 3am The Hour of The Ox Ox
7am – 9am The Hour of The Dragon Dragon
1pm – 3pm The Hour of The Sheep Sheep
7pm – 9pm The Hour of The Dog Dog

the end.

Mah Jong Card of the Day
Mah Jong Card The path is before you, but which way will you go? The Sword suggests you have a choice to make. There could be a sacrifice involved. It’s your job to figure out whether or not it’s worth the effort.
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Bill Hajdu Bill Hajdu
We launched our first site, Firepig.com, during the year of the Fire Pig. Since then, we have grown to reach friends in over 40 countries around the world. I have had the pleasure of doing Mah Jong card readings for friends in the Bay Area, Seattle, Saigon and Manila. As my knowledge has grown, so has the variety of readings we provide online. Currently, we have over 12 reports ranging from traditional Four Pillars, to yearly forecasts, to 9 Star Ki, To Mah Jong and finally to a Si Wei Sou Shu (Purple Star) report. I hope you enjoy both the free and paid content available. To connect further, add me on Facebook!
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Susan Levitt Susan Levitt
Author SUSAN LEVITT is a professional tarot card reader, astrologer, and feng shui consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1986. She is known for the incredible accuracy of her intuitive services and practical, down-to-earth advice. She was awarded "Best Astrologer" by the San Francisco Weekly, was interviewed by CNN in July 2008, and was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and InStyle magazine. Ms Levitt is the author of Introduction to Tarot, The Complete Tarot Kit, Teen Feng Shui, Taoist Feng Shui , and Taoist Astrology which are published in eight languages.
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By: Susan Levitt
October 23, 2014
October 27 – November 2, 2014 The Week in Chinese Astrology
By: Susan Levitt
October 16, 2014
October 20 – 26, 2014 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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WOW! The answer to my question was a-mazing. Especially with how he put into words, put into powerfully understandable context, the haunting, puzzling dynamics that are going on in my life and relationships. I carefully looked over the excellent website and book recommendations. These are the best I've seen -- and I have some background re. Chinese calendar and the elements. This is wonderful for anyone who's new to this and to anyone with some background. I'm going to tap into the reports and book a.s.a.p. The recommendations are so good I'll be getting more reports not only for myself, but as gifts to friends and loved ones as well. Great work -- keep it coming!!