Wood Snake
Ben Franklin
January 17, 1906 Ben Franklin BostonPolitical Figure
Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston. He was the tenth son of  a soap maker. Benjamin Franklin became one of the most famous Americans of his time. He helped found a new nation and defined American character. Writer, inventor, diplomat, businessman, musician, scientist, humorist, civic leader, international celebrity .genius were some of his occupations. His electric personality, however, still lights the world.

Benjamin Franklin is a Wood Rooster. The candid Rooster will tell you what’s on their mind. When you speak, he gives a frank and honest answer. Franklin probably had a wry sense of humor, meaning it has a clever and often ironic or grimly humorous quality about it. Ethical behavior is a characteristic of the Wood-sign person. In Franklin this could be a part of his humanitarianism, but it also may involve a genuine concern for values and doing the right thing in his daily life. He is great at doing projects thanks to his outstanding organizational skills. Franklin is regarded as one of the greatest citizens in US history.

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