Fire Dog
Bill Clinton
August 19, 1946 William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton Hope, ArkansasPolitical Figure
Bill Clinton was born on Aug 19, 1946 in the small town of Hope, Arkansas. His father was killed in a car accident 3 months before Clinton was born. He knows more than most kids that life is not easy. He earned a law degree from the Yale University, and married with Hillary Rodham a fellow law student from Yale. In 1992 Clinton was elected as the president of the U.S. Throughout his life, Clinton has worked to make a difference in the lives of others. To him, Hope means more than a small town in Arkansas; it means working to ensure that each American has the opportunity to fulfill his or her dream.

Bill Clinton is a Fire Dog. Of all the signs the Dog symbolizes honor and justice. The honorable Dog is the sign most likely to speak out about wrongs in the world and to call for justice. Clinton is regarded as the president of the public. Speaking of the elements, dynamism coupled with decisiveness is one of the primary qualities associated with Fire. Charisma and flamboyance are other traits common to Fire-sign people. There is usually an intensity characterizing his efforts, especially when it comes to intellectual activity. This probably manifests itself by his desire to acquire an in depth knowledge of subjects that interest him. Clinton is very passionate in his career despite his presidential troubles, which is very consistent with his Fire element.

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