Wood Sheep
Bruce Willis
March 19, 1955 Walter Bruce Willis U.S. Army Garrison, Baumholder, Idar-Oberstein, West GermanyActor

Walter Bruce Willis, better known as Bruce Willis, is an American actor and film producer. His career began in television in the 1980s and has continued both in television and film since. One of his more popular roles was that of John McClane in the Die Hard series. Willis was married to actress Demi Moore and they had three daughters before their divorce in 2000 after thirteen years of marriage. Willis has released several albums and has appeared in several television shows. He has also appeared in over sixty films, including Pulp Fiction, Sin City, Die Hard, Unbreakable, The Fifth Element, Armageddon and The Sixth Sense.

Motion pictures featuring Willis have grossed US$2.55 to US$3.04 billion at North American box offices, making him the seventh highest-grossing actor in a leading role, and ninth highest including supporting roles. He is a two-time Emmy Award-winning, Golden Globe Award-winning, and four-time Saturn Award-nominated actor and has publicly shown his support for the United States armed forces.

Born March 19, 1955 his primary personality traits are ruled by the Chinese Zodiac elemental animal, the Wood Sheep. Wood adds confidence to the Sheep which is sometimes lacking in this area. Beware though, Wood also adds an extra element of kindness to an already gentle being. Because of this, he must be more aware of those around him, paying particular heed to a conniving Rat just waiting to take advantage of an easy mark. More often than not, however, his many friends will return his favors and more.

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