Snake is a spiritual sign of wisdom, so what is of value this year are deep experiences and breakthroughs. Time to shed your old skin with transformation and guidance with astrology, tarot, and other forms of divination, massage, therapy, acupuncture, feng shui, herbs, and alternative healing.

Also of value in this Water Snake year is a journey to a mystical sacred place or a quiet spot in nature by water. Rewards are found in the inner world of spirit, not the outer world of money and material things, during this sensitive year of the Water Snake.

In Chinese astrology, the Snake is not evil or bad. Snakes are respected as magical creatures because a Snake sheds its skin to be reborn.

As Snake crawls on the Earth with strength and fluidity, she is connected to Earth and the powers of healing. The venom of this mysterious power animal can cause death.

Therefore, this mystical Snake year is time for powerful rebirth and transformation in all areas of your life -- and that includes your finances!

In a Snake year, the best financial advice is to be like a real Snake; coil up, contemplate, then strike when the exact time is right.Those born in Snake year are naturally very good with money, as are Snake'sbuddies Rat, Ox, and Rooster. But Snake has the added advantage of good timing. And that sense of timing is the result of observant patience. Snake can be frugal, and then make the one big life-changing purchase, investment, or business launch -- but it's all about timing in a Snake year.

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Snake also succeeds because Snake is very flexible, like the body of a real Snake. 2013 is the year of the Water Snake, the most flexible of all Snakes.Flexibility will help you in all your financial dealings this year. Luck is strongest for those who are able to quickly change plans,

be open to new alternatives, and act fast in an opportune moment. Avoid becoming stuck on one idea or just one plan of action. And no impulsive risks or rash financial actions in 2013. Save your big bold money moves for Wood Horse year 2014.

Risk, chance, and lucky gambles are not favored in cautious, introspective Snake year. Snake is thedeep thinker and enigma of the Chinese zodiac. Snake is philosophical, goodwith money, and a natural financier. She follows her own instincts, not outside advice. Skeptical Snake achieves goals by keeping opinions quiet while tenaciously plotting to achieve goals.

In business, Snake is far too prudent to gamble. If a Snake experiences a loss, she will work hard to quickly recoup her money. Snake wants power and authority more than money, and because of this Snake cannot be bought. When imbalanced, computer-brain Snake can be covetous and miserly, with a iron willpower that refuses to let go until the bitter end. For this reason, do not become an enemy with a Snake.

The financial stakes can be high in a Water Snake year, but only thought-out and well-planned ventures will succeed. As with all things Snake related, timing is everything.

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