The New Astrology© Yearly Reading is a brand new reading written by Suzanne White, who pioneered combining the traditions of Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology. This is the first and only reading that combines Western and Eastern Zodiac signs to give you the most accurate view of how you will fare in 2009 the year of the Earth Ox. Get it now for only $29.95!
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- Extremely detailed monthly predictions combining both your Western Sun sign and Chinese Zodiac animal sign.
- This is a one of a kind reading found no where else. Written in collaboration with Suzanne White, who popularized combining Western Astrology with the Chinese Zodiac.
- Find out how your relationships and Love life will fare in 2009 and the year of the Earth Ox.
- Suzanne White's witty and humorous writing style make this reading very entertanining. You will be marveling at her knowledge of both Western and Chinese Astrology while smiling at her clever insight into your future.
Testimonial: I loved Suzanne White's book The New Astrology©! This reading gives me a forecast for 2009 based on both Western and Chinese Astrology. Wow, I have never had such a comprehensive yearly reading.
Thank you Suzanne White and Online Chinese Astrology,

- Jon from Seattle