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The Year of the Water Snake is sure to bring new opportunities and challenges for you. Find out what’s in store with your annual Chinese horoscope! You’ll get a detailed month-by-month forecast of the year ahead. This includes everything you could want to know about relationships, career, health, and wealth—all in one report. Our numerical ratings system let you know how “favorable” each month could be at a glance.
" He is clear and seems to be having a good knowledge in Chinese astrology...he has even differentiated the options for more clear understanding.
Sirihari "

Questions customers ask before purchasing the Financial Forecast


What exactly does the 2013 Financial Forecast offer?
Detailed month-by-month forecast of the year ahead. This includes everything you could want to know about your career and wealth—all in one report.
When does the 2013 Chinese New Year actually begin?
February 10, 2013.
Are the predictions accurate and does it really apply to me?
Our predictions are based of Chinese Astrology. Accuracy varies according to the person and their situation in life. Our customers have always given back good feedback on our Yearly Forecast.
Will this report tell me about my financial future?
Yes. Wealth prediction is part of the 2013 Financial Forecast
Do you offer any discounts?
There are no discounts for the 2013 Financial Forecast.
Can I purchase one for a friend or family member?
Yes. Simply link them to this website address and they can get their own 2013 Financial Forecast here. Keep in mind that this $24.95 introductory might not be around if they visit the site later on.
How do I get the product after I have paid for it online?
You will be directed to a web page. The 2013 Financial Forecast will be on that page. You can save the page as an “html” file to keep or you can copy the content on word document. Be sure to save it. It will be yours to keep and refer to.
What do I do with the 2013 Financial Forecast once I receive it?
Preferably you should start reading it and have an idea of what 2013 will bring.
Is it safe to buy online with your site?
Yes. Our site is 100% safe through processing with and Paypal.
If I don’t like the 2013 Financial Forecast, can I request a refund?
Of course. We stand behind our 30-day 100% Guarantee.
Do you charge a restocking fee or a transaction charge for processing my refund?
No. We will refund 100% of your money back - $24.95.
Can you explain your guarantee?
We stand behind our offerings 100%. If you don't like it or unsatisfied in any way, then we will give you your money back. No questions asked.
What do you do with my information?
Your information is needed only to process the 2013 Financial Forecast. Your financial information (credit card, Paypal) is encrypted processed by or Paypal and we do no have access to your privacy.


Can I pay using a credit/debit card?
Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
Can I pay by Paypal?
Yes. We accept Paypal.
What about checks or money orders?
We are not currently accepting checks or money orders right now.
I just made the purchase online, was I supposed to receive an e-mail confirmation?
You will get an e-mail confirmation from us. Our Customer Service information is included in the e-mail.
My bank doesn't show a transaction from you guys, did my order go through correctly?
Sometimes it takes a few days for it to post to your account. If you got a success messages or e-mail after checking out then it should be ok. If you are unsure about it then e-mail us.
Can I order by phone?
Currently we do not offer reservations by phone. Please use our secure online system and reserve your spot with confidence.
How long will my order take to process and ship?
Your order will process immediately and you will have instant access to your 2013 Financial Forecast.


How much is shipping?
$0. There is no shipping charges.
I don't live in the United States. Can I buy the 2013 Financial Forecast?
Of course! The 2013 Financial Forecast is open to everyone. There are no shipping charges.
I didn’t receive my 2013 Financial Forecast. Can you replace it?
Yes we can. If you didn’t get it contact us at ........... and we will work with you to solve the problem immediately.
I lost my 2013 Financial Forecast, can you replace it?
Yes. Just email us and we’ll send you a personalized link to your 2013 Financial Forecast.
" THE VERY BEST!!! A+++++ Bill, Thank you so much for your very thourough professional respectful and kind reply
Chris "

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" Thanks Bill That is so amazing and interesting and you are quite accurate in the manner that you describe my Tiger year.
Lauren "
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" Thanks a lot for the way you have explained it so clearly. I hade the same feeling and was well aware of my strengths n since I have joined a PR course I was really confused as I was getting more inclined towards Events. Ur response has helped me and I would surely mk a shift after I finish my course. Thanks again : ) u were really good.
Nitisha "
Hello there, my fellow lovers of Astrology, my name is Bill Hajdu. I have been studying and practicing the art of Chinese Astrology for over twenty years. During this time I’ve been blessed to meet people like yourself through both in person and online consultations. I have spent the last seven years working with my son (he’s the techy!) to build a collection of online reports, calculators and content that will help you learn more about yourself and those you love. We have been featured on, Audrey Magazine, the Houston Chronicle and I am really looking forward to the launch of our online community where I will be able to directly work with you as that is where my true passion lies.