Fire Horse
Adam Sandler
September 09, 1966 Adam Richard Sandler Brooklyn, NY Actor
Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1966 but raised in Manchester. He has had 3 Emmy Nominations in his career. Like some movie stars, Sandler did not excel as a student. His interests lay elsewhere. He loved wrestling and basketball. He formed a cover band when he is a teenager. When he was 17, his brother Scott suggested he try comedy. Which was the beginning of his comedy career. In 1989 marked his feature film debut, as the lead in Going Overboard.

Adam Sandler is a Fire Horse. Popular literature in the West speaks of “men being from Mars and women being from Venus.”  Well, in Chinese astrology, the Horse is associated with male characteristics and its complementary sign, the Sheep, with female characteristics. Adam has a very athletic Horse personality. He likes freedom and exploring all the facets of life. That’s really a good sign for his career, which means he can freely experience all kinds of that life has to offer. Charisma and flamboyance are traits common to Fire sign people. Fire's passion and enthusiasm enhance all these characteristics. There is usually an intensity associated with his efforts, especially when it comes to intellectual activity. This probably manifests itself by his desire to acquire an in depth knowledge of subjects that interest him. Fire makes Sandler a charming star, but the downside of Sandler’s dynamism and passion is a tendency to be impatient and to have a quick temper. So cooling down may be the best advice for this charming funny man.

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