Metal Dragon
Al Pacino
April 26, 1940 Alfredo James Pacino AmericanActor
A Metal Dragon, Al Pacino epitomizes big dreams, steely determination and cool strength. While many thought he was not charismatic enough, as indicated by his lack of fire, there was something about his steely persona that Francis Ford Copola saw in him which lead to the creation of the greatest gangster of all time Al Pacino's career as an actor began in the 1960s, studying under legendary tutor, Lee Strasberg. As a virtually unknown actor, much to the dismay of film executives, he exploded on the scene in 1972 as Michael Corleone in what became the standard for Maffia Movies, the Godfather. The movie earned him an academy award nomination.

In 1982, Pacino portrayed the notorious gangster, Tony Montana in the box office smash, Scarface. Quotes from Scarface are used to this day in modern rap music as the figure of Tony Montana became an underground cult legend. Pacino finally revived an Oscar for Best Actor in The Scent of A Woman where he played the blind retired Lt. Colonel Frank Slade. Other famous Pacino movies include Heat, Godfather II & III, The Devil's Advocate, Dick Tracy, Any Given Sunday and Two For the Money.

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