Fire Sheep
Anna Nicole Smith
November 28, 1967 AmericanActress
Anna Nicole Smith, formerly known as Vickie Lynn Marshall, led a controversial life that ended at the young age of 40. Most famous for her appearances in Playboy and marriage to billionaire J Howard Marshall, whom she divorced her husband Billy to be with. Marshall was 89 at the time of the marriage and he passed away only one year after, leading many to believe that she only married for the money. Annas astrology chart reveals a high fire rating. Combine that with her natural sex appeal and it is no wonder that she was an attraction worth the cost to billionaire Marshall.

After the death of her husband, Anna Nicole Smith went through a series of weight gain and weight loss. She also starred in her own reality show, the Anna Nicole Smith Show. A series of court battles with Marshalls son, E Pierce Marshall resulted in years of litigation. Both E Pierce Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith passed away before court resolution. The NY Times has reported that the case will continue in the names of the children. A highly unbalanced element mix could be a contributor to the terrible ups and downs faced by Anna Nicole Smith. Sadly, the best time of her life from an astrological Chi perspective was due to be her final years of retirement she unfortunately never reached

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