Wood Rat
Ashlee Simpson
October 03, 1984 Ashlee Nicole Simpson Dallas, TexasSinger
Born October 3, 1984 in Waco, Texas, USA; Ashlee Nicole Simpson was raised in Dallas by her parents Joe and Tina Simpson. She is the younger sister of Jessica Simpson. At age 4 she started dancing, and then at the age of 11, she became the youngest person ever admitted to the prestigious School of American Ballet. Once her family relocated to Los Angeles, Ashlee went on the road, dancing in her sister's show. When her 2004 debut CD "Autobiography" entered the charts at #1, Simpson made an immediate national impact. Now, with her latest work, she reveals explosive growth as both a singer and songwriter. The 21-year-old Ashlee has left girlhood behind. On the new CD she explores dark themes side by side with plenty of flamboyant fun. "Everything has evolved," she says. "My voice has matured, and so have the situations I've been through." With "I Am Me," Ashlee Simpson is confident her fans will happily go along for the ride. "The most important thing is that this is something I really enjoy doing," she says. "I love creating songs people can connect to."

Ashlee Simpson is a Wood Rat. Of all the signs, the Rat symbolizes activity and charm. There is constant mental activity with Ashlee. Even when she appears to be resting, her mind is working full speed. She is most effective using a direct, if not aggressive, approach to life. Simpson tends to be proactive and is most comfortable basing decisions on logic. The opportunistic Rat is great at turning on the charm and manipulating people. Nevertheless, Ashlee Simpson is really a private person and, despite appearances, only allows a few people into her inner circle. She cherishes those dearly and will do almost anything for them. Cooperativeness is one of the primary qualities associated with Wood. Having keen sense of teamwork Ashlee can be a popular and respected member. She is also probably the first one to offer a compromise when a situation warrants it. Ethical behavior is another characteristic of the Wood-sign person, which could be a part of humanitarianism, but may also involve a genuine concern for values and doing the right thing in daily life. Regardless, Simpson is likely to live by her standards, not those someone else has set for her.

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