Earth Horse
Ashton Kutcher
February 07, 1978 Christopher Ashton Kutcher IowaActor
Ashton Kutcher was born on Feb 7, 1978 in Iowa, When he was in college, he was discovered by a modeling scout, who encouraged him to enter a modeling contest. He won and not long after, he was living in New York, modeling for Calvin Klein. He then pursued his interest in acting. However, Kutcher always had his eyes aimed at another city: L.A. After several roles in movie and a TV show, he began to focus on the making movies. The Butterfly Effect, for which he served as executive producer was a big success. In 2005, Ashton Kutcher was once again in news for marrying the popular Hollywood actress Demi Moore, who is almost 15 years older to him.

Ashton Kutcher is an Earth Horse. It is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac; so, it fittingly represents (initiating) action. As others depend on him to get things moving, there is constant mental activity with him. Most often he is looking to roam and wondering if the grass is greener on the other pasture. However, if the Horse becomes too free spirited and adventure seeking, it may find itself in hole that no amount of smarts and charm will be able to help it climb out of. Earth is associated with practicality and common sense. His resilience and drive extend to daily life as well. Little things do not distract him from his mission. Kutcher is constantly under the Hollywood microscope as a movie star and as Demi Moore’s husband. However, he can handle it without missing a stride.

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