Wood Dragon
Barry Bonds
July 24, 1964 Barry Lamar Bonds Riverside, CABaseball Player
Barry Lamar Bonds was born on July 24, 1964 in Riverside, California, USA. He graduated from Arizona State University. With a height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and weight of 228 lbs (103 kg), Barry fulfils LF position in the baseball field. He is a veteran player who boasts 21 years’ experience. He participated in the Olympic Torch relay before the 2002 Winter Games carrying the torch through the final portion of the San Francisco leg and lit the cauldron, which was one of his proudest moments as an American. With fantastic performances, the name “Bonds” becomes a legend. Barry Bonds has been the All-time Major League Home Run and Walks leader. In November 2004, he was honored with his unprecedented seventh National League Most Valuable Player Award. Now sitting on 762 home runs, Bonds continues to reach historical heights with each home run he belts. Having grown up in the Bay Area, he feels it essential to make a difference in the local community. Barry Bonds has launched the Bonds Family Foundation in order to encourage, promote and improve educational achievements, standard of living and quality of life for underprivileged youth in the Bay Area.

Barry Bonds is a Wood Dragon. Above all else the Dragon is a visionary with grandiose goals. Barry tends to boldly confront the mightiest obstacles and accept challenges that seem beyond the reach of others. He is often flamboyant and even occasionally comes across as strikingly or mysteriously different or unusual. Bonds may also have natural leadership ability along with this talent for attracting attention. He takes pride in himself and his confidence. It is unlikely people will say he lacks self-confidence. However, at times Barry Bonds might appear to people as a strange eccentric or just someone who is all talk and no action. In spite of these tendencies, he is likely to have a warm, giving personality overall. Cooperativeness is one of the primary qualities associated with Wood. Having keen sense of teamwork Barry can be a popular and respected member. He is also probably the first one to offer a compromise when a situation warrants it. Ethical behavior is another characteristic of the Wood-sign person, which could be a part of humanitarianism, but may also involve a genuine concern for values and doing the right thing in daily life. Regardless, Bonds is likely to live by his standards, not those someone else has set for him.

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