Water Rat
Cameron Diaz
August 30, 1972 Cameron Michelle Diaz San Diego, CaliforniaActress
Cameron Diaz was born on the 30th of August, 1972, in San Diego, California. By the age of 16, tall, mature Cameron was already attending Hollywood parties. So she moved to Japan to begin her model career and won some modeling contest. Then she moved to Hollywood. Then came the movie, The Last Supper, where Diaz played one of a group of liberal students sharing a house in Iowa. Next came Feeling Minnesota, where she played ex-stripper Freddie Clayton, then came Head Above Water, another black comedy. To her, every challenge is worthwhile. She proved herself to the public that she is no longer a pretty model but a serious actress.

Cameron Diaz is a Water Rat. She is resourceful. What she might lacks in competence, she more than makes up for with her quick thinking, shrewdness and outright deviousness. She is most effective using a indirect, if not aggressive, approach to life. She tends to be proactive and is most comfortable basing decisions on logic. Being as smart as she is, she is always knows what she want in Hollywood. Speaking of the elements, Water is a gentle element, and Water people are most at home using an indirect approach to achieve their goals. The emotional Water person is very sensitive to other people and their needs. When she combine this with her normally excellent communications skills, it’s easy to understand that she can be an excellent enabler and counselor.

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