Fire Tiger
Camilla Belle
October 02, 1986 Camilla Belle Routh Los Angeles, California, United StatesActress

Camilla Belle Routh is an American actress. Camilla landed her first national commercial at the age of 9 months old. At age 5 she was cast in as a lead in her first film, NBC's thriller, "Trapped Beneath the Earth". Belle began her career with a small role in the film production of the novel A Little Princess costarring Liesel Matthews. Her first lead role was in Rip Girls in 2000, a Disney Channel original movie. After taking some time out of filming, she came back with the lead role in the remake of When A Stranger Calls. Her next role was in the feature film 10,000 BC, directed by Roland Emmerich, a film about prehistoric humans. Camilla Belle recently was in the "Lovebug" video by the Jonas Brothers which premiered on the Disney Channel. Belle's next big release was playing the role of Kira Hudson in Push, a sci-fi thriller involving a group of young American ex-pats with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities, hiding from a clandestine U.S. government agency.

Born October 2, 1986 her primary personality traits are ruled by the Chinese Zodiac elemental animal, the Fire Tiger. Fire plus Tiger equals a stick of dynamite, a human dynamo. In addition to the Tiger's usual passion and creativity, she has seemingly endless energy. She is among the greatest risk takers and do not hesitate to push the limits in almost anything she does. When she controls her temper and penchant for melodrama, she is among the most colorful, fun people to be around. Depending on her level of common sense she can do big things or fail spectacularly.

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