Water Rooster
Carol Burnett
April 26, 1933 Carol Creighton Burnett San Antonio, Texas, U.S.Actress. Singer.

Carol Creighton Burnett is an American actress, comedienne, singer, dancer and writer. Burnett started her career in New York. After becoming a hit on Broadway, she debuted on television. After successful appearances on The Garry Moore Show, Carol moved to Los Angeles and began an eleven-year run on the The Carol Burnett Show which was aired on CBS television from 1967 to 1978. With roots in vaudeville, The Carol Burnett Show was a variety show combining comedy sketches, song, and dance. The comedy sketches ranged from movie parodies to character pieces which featured the many talents of Burnett herself who created and played several well-known and distinctive characters.

Born April 26, 1933 her primary personality traits are ruled by the Chinese Zodiac elemental animal, the Water OX. As with the Wood Ox, the Water Ox is more likely to be at home in the meadow rather than the bull ring and is the most communicative and literary of the breed. She is often well liked and popular because she is more sensitive and flexible than others of this sign and yet retains its basic strength and sense of responsibility. Although the typical Ox is often a loner, she can be quite social.

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