Fire Horse
Cindy Crawford
February 20, 1966 Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Crawford De Kalb, IllinoisFashion Model
Cindy Crawford was born on February 20, 1966, in De Kalb, Illinois. She got her first job as a spokeswoman for Pepsi. That was the beginning of her success career. Later she also hosted a MTV show called ''House of Style''. As a popular model, her picture has been displayed on hundreds of covers of fashion and women’s magazines and many other kinds of media. Then she stopped her star career in its prime to start a family and enjoy al little peace.

Cindy Crawford is a Fire Horse. The Horse is an adventurer. She is the person who can make things exciting and fun. Cindy needs a gentle person to make her happy. Sometimes she prefers to live away from all the public attention. It’s not so much that she has anything to hide, it’s just she don’t want people knowing all those details---perhaps she feels vulnerable when people know too much about her private life. Speaking of the elements, Fire is associated with creativity and innovation. Her style and flair extend to daily life as well. Little things do not distract her from her mission. Even though Cindy is no longer in show-biz, glamour and style still surround her.

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