Water Ox
Danny Graves
August 07, 1973 Daniel Peter Graves Saigon, South VietnamBaseball Player

Daniel Peter Graves is a Major League Baseball starting pitcher for the Houston Astros organization. Born to an American serviceman father and a Vietnamese mother, he is the only Vietnam-born player in the history of the major leagues, and one of the few Vietnamese-American players.

Born August 7, 1973 in Saigon, South Vietnam his primary personality traits are represented by the Chinese Zodiac elemental animal sign, the Water Ox. To understand how the Ox operates, it is important to know Ox is a Yin and a head sign. Being a Yin sign person, he is best served by using an indirect or non-aggressive approach to life. As a head sign person, he most often will base decisions on logic rather than emotion. HIs approach is cautious and methodical, with practicality usually a prime consideration in his decisions.As with the Wood Ox, the Water Ox is more likely to be at home in the meadow rather than the bull ring and is the most communicative and literary of the breed. He is often well liked and popular because he is more sensitive and flexible than others of this sign and yet retains its basic strength and sense of responsibility. Although the typical Ox is often a loner, he can be quite social.

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