Earth Pig
Emeril Lagasse
October 15, 1959 Emeril Lagasse Fall Rivers, MassachussetesChef
Emeril Lagasse is a world famous chef and female heart throb. He is best known on the Food Network with his show The Essence of Emeril. The "Essence" referred to his special blend of spice that he used widely in his many dishes. An Earth Pig, Emeril enjoyed the finer things in life, namely, good food! Recently though, Emeril's flagship show was canceled during the month of the Rat, in the incredibly turbulent Year of the Fire Pig. Looks like Emeril will need to "kick it up a notch" during the Year of the Earth Rat to find himself a new gig.

Born in Fall River, Massachusetts, Emeril learned to cook at a young age while working in a Portugese bakery. His first restaurant, Emeril's, won Esquire magazines restaurant of the year in 1990 and propelled him to stardom. Currently, Emeril Lagasse is the owner of 10 restaurants across the world. He is most famous for his Creole and Cajun cooking.

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