Wood Tiger
Fairuza Balk
May 21, 1974 Fairuza Alejandra Feldthouse Point Reyes, California, USAActress

Fairuza Balk is an American film actress. She made her theatrical film debut as Dorothy Gale in Disney's Return to Oz. She has also appeared in The Craft, American History X and The Waterboy.

Outside her career, her interests include writing poetry and fiction, playing guitar and violin, singing, and dancing. Over the years she has been romantically involved with a number of well known men including British actor David Thewlis and C. M. Talkington. 

She was a well known neopagan even before shooting 1996's The Craft. She provided some witchcraft information on set and helped design many of the sets to match real pagan rituals. From 1995 to 2001, she owned Panpipes Magickal Marketplace, billed as the nation's largest occult store, in Hollywood, California.

Born May 21, 1974 her primary personality traits are represented by the Chinese Zodiac elemental animal sign, the Wood Tiger. Passion and creativity are the hallmarks of the Wood Tiger. What a great sign for the performing arts or any career that puts her in front of the public where she can use her creative ability and, or, leadership skills. She is the most mellow of Tigers and therefore not so domineering. She tends to be very popular, especially since she is probably charismatic.




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