Water Tiger
Garth Brooks
February 07, 1962 Troyal Garth Brooks Tulsa, Oklahoma, USACountry music artist

Troyal Brooks is an American country music artist. Brooks's integration of rock elements into his recordings and live performances made him very popular and allowed him to dominate the country single and country album charts and quickly crossed over into the mainstream pop arena, exposing country music to a larger audience. Brooks has enjoyed one of the most successful careers in popular music history, breaking records for both sales and concert attendance throughout the 1990s. His total world-wide sales have topped 200 million singles and albums to date.

Troubled by conflicts between career and family, in 2001 Brooks officially retired from recording and performing. During this time he sold millions of albums through an exclusive distribution deal with Wal-Mart and has sporadically released new singles. However, in 2005, Brooks started a partial comeback, and has since given several performances and released two compilation albums.

Born February 7, 1962, his primary personality traits are represented by the Chinese Zodiac elemental animal sign, the Water Tiger. The Water Tiger more resembles a pussycat than a jungle cat. He may be a bit "wishy washy" compared to other Tigers, but his excellent judgment, look before he leap attitude, and increased flexibility more than make up for this. And, his relatively easy going nature makes him a fun companion. Also, there's a good chance he is quite intuitive.

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