Metal Monkey
Jordana Brewster
April 26, 1980 Jordana Brewster Brazilian-AmericanActress

Jordana Brewster is an American actress, perhaps best known for her roles in The Fast and the Furious, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The Faculty, D.E.B.S., Annapolis, Chuck, and most recently Fast & Furious in 2009.

In 2002, Stuff magazine named her the 96th hottest woman in their "102 Sexiest Women in the World". In 2005 Maxim magazine named her the 54th sexiest woman in the world in their annual Hot 100. In 2006 Maxim ranked her at #59 on their Hot 100. She placed 8th on's "100 Hottest Women" list in 2007 and 22nd in 2008.

Born April 26, 1980, her primary personality traits are represented by the Chinese Zodiac elemental animal sign, the Metal Monkey. The Metal Monkey is the strongest, most rigid of the bunch. She has a sharp edge compared to the other, more playful Monkeys. This combination can be very powerful as her Monkey creativity is harnessed into the solid structure of Metal. She prefers to work independently or be a small business owner rather than a cog in the corporate wheel if she can help it. If she does opt for a corporate position, it will probably be in sales, and she should do well.

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