Water Rooster
Larry King
November 19, 1933 Larry King Talk Show Host

Larry King, is an American television and radio host. He is recognized in the United States as one of the premier broadcast interviewers of modern times. King has conducted some 40,000 interviews with politicians, athletes, entertainers, and other newsmakers. He has won an Emmy Award, two Peabody Awards, and ten Cable ACE Awards. King began as a local Florida journalist and radio interviewer in the 1950s and '60s. He became prominent as an all-night national radio broadcaster starting in 1978, and then came to dominate the airwaves when he began hosting the nightly interview TV program Larry King Live on CNN, which started in 1985.


Born November 19, 1933, his primary personality traits are ruled by the Chinese Zodiac elemental animal, the Water Rooster. The Water Rooster is perhaps the most intellectual and flexible of the species. We find we can usually reason with him, especially in an academic environment. He is very social and put his communications skills to good use in that context. This, plus his penchant for dressing smartly means that he is likely to be not only an excellent orator but also to have a commanding presence.


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