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Michael Vick
June 26, 1980 Michael Dwayne Vick Waterville, MaineAmerican Football
Michael Vick is one of the highest paid players in the National Football League. He is also one of the most talented players, too. Vick has been criticized for being too arrogant and not a team player. Recently, Vick has been convicted in a dog fighting gambling ring, even holding some matches at one of his homes. As a double Horse, meaning that 2 of his four Chinese Zodiac Four Pillars signs are Horse signs and thus the Horse sign will dominate his personality.

Michael Vick will not play football in 2007 and the Altanta Falcons are demanding that he return his 22 million dollar signing bonus. The independent and arrogant streak in the Horse may have cost Vick his NFL career and untold millions.

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