Metal Dog
Queen Latifah
March 18, 1970 Dana Elaine Owens Actress. Singer.
Dana Elaine Owens is an American rapper, actress, and singer. Queen Latifah's work in music, film and television has earned her a Golden Globe award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Image Awards, a Grammy Award, six additional Grammy nominations, an Emmy Award nomination and an Academy Award nomination.

Born March 18, 1970, her primary personality traits are represented by the Chinese Zodiac elemental animal sign, the Metal Dog. With the Metal Dog we have an irresistible force and an immovable object. She is not afraid to "deal with" whatever gets in her way, and she won't be gentle about it. She tends to be very principled and determined and doesn't look kindly on those deemed unpatriotic or disloyal. We definitely want her on our side in a fight.

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