Water Rabbit
Richard Marx
September 16, 1963 Richard Marx Chicago, Illinois, USASinger
Richard Marx was born on September 16, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He began singing commercial jingles for his father, Dick Marx, at five. Richard started writing songs as a teenager. From 1987 on, he formally lived as a singer and songwriter. Marx told the press, “For me, being a musician is not about an image or controversy or what looks cool. It's about the music. It comes down to having the privilege of expressing yourself.” Human touch is the hallmark of Richard Marx's music. His debut single "Don't Mean Nothing" and self-titled debut album kicked off his career as a solo artist. He remained a fixture on pop and adult contemporary radio for years, even as he emerged as a top producer working with some of the biggest names in the music business. In 1997, Richard sang a duet with Donna Lewis for the "Anastasia" soundtrack. The duet was a top ten single and was featured during the credits of the movie. For the production of his first solo CD My Own Best Enemy, Marx used various rhythm sections in Nashville, L.A. and his home studio in Illinois, who created a sound so tight, the results seem more like a full-fledged band than anything else. In February 2004, Richard won the Song of the Year Grammy for "Dance with My Father," which he wrote with Luther Vandross. He kept a family with Cynthia Rhodes since 8 January 1989. They have 3 sons.

Richard Marx is a Water Rabbit. Above all else the Rabbit is a peacemaker. Richard no doubt has excellent diplomatic skills and, while he doesn’t like conflict, he is the first person his friends turn to when it’s necessary to make peace among them. Marx is also valued for his kindness, sensitive to the needs of people around and thoughtfully does little things to make them happy. He definitely has exquisite taste in both dress and the arts. At times the world can be too harsh and intimidating for a person as gentle as him. Richard can be moody, which might help explain his tendency to become melancholic. It’s hard to know his motivation for these, as he can be very secret about his personal life. Water is a gentle element, and Water people are most at home using an indirect approach to achieve their goals. The emotional Water person is very sensitive to other people and their needs. When Richard Marx combines this with his normally excellent communications skills, it’s easy to understand that he can be an excellent enabler and counselor. As a non threatening Water person he can easily get close to other people and often end up influencing them even more than aggressive people who use the direct approach. Richard likely prefers to present his point in a diplomatic manner. He probably doesn’t even like to stand up and fight when attacked. He is a survivor and likely to outlast any onslaughts.

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