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Walt Disney
May 12, 1901 Walter Elias Disney Chicago, Illinois, USA Business
Walt Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA on May 12, 1901. His career entailed time as a producer and a TV host. He is most famous for his cartoon creatures, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. He made the first full-length cartoon movie “Snow White” in 1938. He is one of the founding-members of the Disney Corporation, now one of the top media companies in America. The life of this genius was actually not so good in the early days. He used to live in a shabby warehouse. It’s there where he saw a little rat and did the sketch for it, which became the original shape of the cartoon superstar “Mickey Mouse”.

Walt Disney is a Metal Ox. The Ox sign, first and foremost, is the most dependable of all the Chinese zodiac signs. The Ox will instinctively shoulder the load in any of their relationships whether it be for love, family or friends. Most people would think that this is an unfair burden to bear; however, the Ox gets enjoyment and satisfaction out of the weight it bears. So no wonder, Walt Disney made his magic land for all people, bringing happiness to everyone especially for the kids. Furthermore, Metal is associated with strength and determination. Disney is very comfortable with taking direct action in pursuit of his goals. Moreover one of his strengths is that he works hard to complete the projects he starts and rarely gives up in the face of resistance. Disney is a fighter and fought for happiness. But sometimes Ox men will hold on too much to unrealistic hopes in real life causing themselves to be very disappointed. They should realize that life is not as perfect as we suppose.

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