Metal Horse
Warren Buffett
August 30, 1930 Warren Edward Buffett Omaha USABusiness
Warren Buffett was born in Nebraska, Omaha USA, on August 30 1930. He is best known as an investment entrepreneur and executive. When he was only six years old, Buffett bought 6-packs of Coca Cola from his grandfather's grocery store for twenty five cents and resold each of the bottles for a nickel, successfully gaining a five cent profit. This began what turned out to be one of the most successful business careers in American history. His net worth is estimated at $42 billion. In June 2006, Buffett made an announcement that he would be giving his entire fortune away to charity, committing 85 percent of it to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This donation became the largest act of charitable giving in United States history.

Warren Buffett is a Metal Horse. Popular literature in the West speaks of “men being from Mars and women being from Venus.”  Well, in Chinese Astrology, the Horse is associated with male characteristics and its complementary sign, the Sheep, with female characteristics. From his biography we can tell that he is a very independent person. Moreover, Metal is associated with strength and determination. He is comfortable with taking direct action in pursuit of his goals. The Metal element person is rock solid and epitomizes focused determination. According Buffett has courage and determination. That’s why he is so good at making money. But maybe this tycoon should easy up a little in his golden years to enjoy life a little more.

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