Four Pillars of Destiny

Want to know the details of your destiny? Get THREE of our best selling readings: the Zodiac Sign Analysis, Element Analysis and Diary of Destiny combined into one comprehensive reading for only $24.95! You will have a complete understanding of your Four Pillars chart with expert insight into your personality through the Chinese Zodiac.
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Bill Hajdu
Bill Hajdu
One form of Chinese Astrology, which happens to be the form I learned first and have practiced for years, is based on a Four Pillars Chart Analysis. I have run thousands of four pillars charts to help answer questions related to love, career and personality. This report will help you understand yourself and give you a peek into your future.
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Thanks so very very much. I know that this stuff is accurate because both of us do have bad communication in certain problems already. For instance, when I'm upset I just won't talk to him about it. And he just doesn't really show his feelings about things. We're both quiet sometimes too. I think where we are compatible is that we can just sit next to each other without saying anything..and don't need words. But as for arguing. he is not someone who argues...from what I have seen. he ignores it..Maybe that's his issue. He doesn't know how to address certain problems. thanks so much again