Mah Jong Reading

Your Mah Jong Card Reading begins with a question that is deep inside you. You may ask anything your heart desires. The more specific your question is, the more likely you are to get clear answers. You should only ask the same question one time as repeated inquiries become no longer valid. Keep in mind that circumstances in life do change though so if one to two years later you feel a burning desire, it is ok to repeat the question at that time. Typical questions people ask the Mah Jong fortune tellers are:

"Is my lover the right person for me?"
"Is this the right time to pursue this business venture?"
"What should I expect as my children grow older?"

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Bill Hajdu
Bill Hajdu
This is the fifth year in my 25 year career that I have produced a yearly forecast report and, I'm proud to say that this is our most in depth report yet as I had some great help from my Astrology apprentice Mara Tyler. I have spent a lot of time analyzing each month and how the month's influence will affect you. I think you will find it quite informative and entertaining!
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Thanks a lot for the way you have explained it so clearly. I hade the same feeling and was well aware of my strengths n since I have joined a PR course I was really confused as I was getting more inclined towards Events. Ur response has helped me and I would surely mk a shift after I finish my course. Thanks again : ) u were really good.
Thanks a ton for your prompt response, will definitely visit your website for more details on your services.