Element Analysis

What do the elements have to do with you? The Element Analysis reading explains your personality based on the number of times each element appears in your chart. You’ll learn how the placement of elements in your chart influences who you are and what you become in life. Understand the relationships between elements and how they affect everything from your friendships to your career. Try it today!
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Bill Hajdu
Bill Hajdu
This is actually one of the FIRST reports along with the Zodiac Sign Analysis and Diary of Destiny. I created based on the Four Pillars of Chinese Astrology. If you want the FULL report you can purchase the Four Pillars of Destiny Reading which includes all three.
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Yes, these are real. View the Q&A sessions at allexperts.com
best tailor made answer I ever received
Thanks Bill...you really helped me out. You're the first astrologer who has shown me how to calculate the day of birth sign. I really appreciate it!
WOW, did I say WOW?!?! Your response was so insightful and I couldn't believe how accurate of a personality reading you gave considering all you knew were birthdates. Thanks so much for all your help.