Elements of Feng Shui

Want to attract wealth, happiness, and success to your home and work? Your personalized Elements of feng shui reading blends Chinese astrology with Feng Shui to help you organize your home or office. You’ll learn about the five Chinese elements that are the basics behind feng shui and how they relate to your personal Chinese astrology sign. Includes detailed information for furniture placements, colors for each room, correct lighting, yin and yang balance, the function of hallways and mirrors, and much, much more! You CAN create a beautiful, peaceful home all on your own.
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Susan Levitt
Susan Levitt
Author SUSAN LEVITT is a professional tarot card reader, astrologer, and feng shui consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1986. She is known for the incredible accuracy of her intuitive services and practical, down-to-earth advice. She was awarded "Best Astrologer" by the San Francisco Weekly, was interviewed by CNN in July 2008, and was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and InStyle magazine. Ms Levitt is the author of Introduction to Tarot, The Complete Tarot Kit, Teen Feng Shui, Taoist Feng Shui , and Taoist Astrology which are published in eight languages.
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I definitely would consider doing a Chinese reading - I have gleaned enough information from "Bill Hajdu" and his responses to thirst for more. Thank you for your response!
Nancy Buck
Mr. Bill, thank you for this reading. I really makes sence and gives me hope. I know reg astrology but nothing about this kind and while it is so different I intuit that it is accurate and valuable and that you are accomplished at it; and I deeply appreciate what you have given me with this reading. Many blessing to you! JAH