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Your Mah Jong Card Reading begins with a question that is deep inside you. You may ask anything your heart desires. The more specific your question is, the more likely you are to get clear answers. You should only ask the same question one time as repeated inquiries become no longer valid. Keep in mind that circumstances in life do change though so if one to two years later you feel a burning desire, it is ok to repeat the question at that time. Typical questions people ask the Mah Jong fortune tellers are:

"Is my lover the right person for me?"
"Is this the right time to pursue this business venture?"
"What should I expect as my children grow older?"

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Bill Hajdu
Bill Hajdu
Chinese Astrology is my love. I have been practicing for over 30 years now and, I must say, my favorite questions are those that touch the heart. I have spent time with thousands of people helping them to understand their relationship questions. Recently, I put together this new report to help you understand the deepest secrect and hopefully, settle with your soul mate. Don’t take my world for it, please visit to see the real, unnedited comments writen by my astrology friends
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Bill has really great knowledge of Chinese Astrology and he is very prompt in his responses. I also visited his website http://www.onlinechinese- and found it quite useful. Thanks Bill for all your help and suggestions and I'll definitely contact you again soon. I think Chinese astrology calculations are better than western system with around 90% accuracy. My best wishes for Chinese Astrology and Bill Hajdu. Take care,
John Vujara (Metal Rooster)
Your answer was very accurate with regard to details about myself. Thanks for the reply.