Purple Star Luck Forecast

Thanks to a thousand years' experience of untold Chinese Master Astrologers your life’s secrets are about to be revealed to you.

This report is based on the time tested methodology of Chinese, Purple Star Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu). Its beginnings go back to the Tang Dynasty, about 1400 years ago. Our oldest written records are about a 1,000 years old (Sung Dynasty). The style we use today was developed and popularized about 500 years ago (Ming Dynasty). Before then only the emperor and his highest officials had the privilege of receiving this precious gift.Your report is based on the location of the Purple Star at your year, month, day, and time of birth. That in turn locates 36 other stars which appear on your chart. There may, however, be more than 37 stars on it. This is due to borrowing, which is a technique of using the stars from an opposite Palace when one is empty.

In the end it’s all about stars. Each star's impact on a Palace's Luck depends on a number of things, the most important being whether or not it’s lucky in that Palace. Another is the strength and quality of the star's influence. Is it shining brightly on your Luck or casting a dim shadow? Stars are also major or minor, the latter having a lesser effect. Finally, those in other Palaces also affect overall favorability.

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Bill Hajdu
Bill Hajdu
This is the fifth year in my 25 year career that I have produced a yearly forecast report and, I'm proud to say that this is our most in depth report yet as I had some great help from my Astrology apprentice Mara Tyler. I have spent a lot of time analyzing each month and how the month's influence will affect you. I think you will find it quite informative and entertaining!
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Yes, these are real. View the Q&A sessions at allexperts.com
Thank you Bill, I've never had this type of reading before and was very accurate in my personality. Looking forward to visiting your site to learn more.
Thanks! I have felt a strong connection to her, but wanted some stronger insight. I will be in touch soon.
VERY informative! right down to the marriage advice. i'm definitely going to be checking out your website! thanks a lo! and yes, you did use the correct date. :D