Personal Reports

  2020 Personal Forecast

What can you expect from the year ahead? Is love, wealth, and happiness in your future? Are you looking for answers to these questions a​nd more? The good news is that the 201​5​ Personal Forecast for the year of the Wood Sheep is here. This personalized forecast will give you the tools you need to understand the impact of the ​year sign and element on your life and help you make the right decisions. ​

  Relationship Forecast

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Have no fear! 2014, the Year of the Horse is an exciting year full of romance and flings. While it may not be the best year for relationships, we've got some tips to help you make the best of it.

  Personal Consultation

Do you have personal question that you need a specific answer to? Bill Hajdu will provide you with a personalized answer. He reads and answers every question. Put Bill’s decades of Chinese Astrology experience to work for you now!

  Purple Star Luck Forecast

Thanks to a thousand years' experience of untold Chinese Master Astrologers your life’s secrets are about to be revealed to you. Is it shining brightly on your Luck or casting a dim shadow? Stars are also major or minor, the latter having a lesser effect. Finally, those in other Palaces also affect overall favorability. Get yours now!

  Chinese Love Secrets

Matchmaking has been done by Chinese fortune tellers for thousands of years. It is so important that to this day, may typical couples in Asia will consult astrologers prior to deciding whether or not they will proceed with a relationship. Bill Hajdu has uncovered those secrets and exposed them to the Western Market with the Chinese Love Secrets report. In this report, you will learn how compatible you are mentally, emotionally and sexual. It is a must have if you are considering a new mate, or, considering how to best co-exist with your current mate.

  Four Pillars Of Destiny

Want to know the details of your destiny? Get THREE of our best selling readings: the Zodiac Sign Analysis, Element Analysis and Diary of Destiny combined into one comprehensive reading for only $24.95! You will have a complete understanding of your Four Pillars chart with expert insight into your personality through the Chinese Zodiac.

  Three Blessings Fate | Health | Wealth

Do you ever wonder where your luck comes from? Want to know why certain things have happened? This report explores the Three Blessings—Fate, Health & Wealth, and how your luck is affected by each. Each section examines ten luck indicators such as your fixed element of birth, zodiac signs, and your element mix. Explore your Three Blessings and discover what influences are shaping your destiny!

  Chinese Almanac

Imagine having a heads up everyday of what kind of day you will have? With our new Chinese Daily Astrology Guide you will be able to access your personalized Chinese Astrology Horoscope for every day. The most comprehensive day-by-day predictions on the market.Every day, people depend on our Chinese Daily Horoscopes for a glimpse of what's to come in their future.

   Personal Relationship Guide

Chinese astrology has been used for over a thousand years to help select marriage partners. This reading uses time-tested techniques to analyze all the relationships in your life, including friendships, love, marriage, and sex. Part I focuses on animal signs and Part II on elements. Learn how you can pick the right partner, get along with your co-workers, and find lifelong friends. You’ll also get a glimpse of your future and see what’s in store for your success!

  Elements of Feng Shui

Want to attract wealth, happiness, and success to your home and work? Your personalized Elements of feng shui reading blends Chinese astrology with Feng Shui to help you organize your home or office. You’ll learn about the five Chinese elements that are the basics behind feng shui and how they relate to your personal Chinese astrology sign. Includes detailed information for furniture placements, colors for each room, correct lighting, yin and yang balance, the function of hallways and mirrors, and much, much more! You CAN create a beautiful, peaceful home all on your own.

   Love and Money Feng Shui

Bring love and prosperity into your home with a personalized Love and Money Fung Shui report. Learning this ancient Chinese practice can help you find, attract, and keep love in your life. If you are in a partnership, feng shui can help you sustain your relationship and renew your trust and intimacy. You’ll also learn how to draw more money and success by using feng shui. Our free report gives you the basics, but here you’ll get a detailed, personal analysis to attract lasting love and success.

  Nine Star Ki

Find out how your Chinese Astrology birth chart can affect your personality and your future! Our Nine Star Ki reading examines the conditions and cosmic energies surrounding birth year, month, day and hour using Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui and Numerology. The analysis reveals what shapes your personality, your relationships, career, love life and health. Try our free report to get a quick look at what the Nine Star Ki can reveal.

  Zodiac Sign Analysis

One of the best ways to analyze your personality is based on the Four Pillars. The year, month, day, and hour of your birth form a matrix that make up your personality and determine how you interact with others. Each pillar is associated with an element and an animal. The combination of elements and animals from your four pillars reveal what makes you—you. Try the Zodiac Sign Analysis and unlock the secret to what makes you tick!

  Element Analysis

What do the elements have to do with you? The Element Analysis reading explains your personality based on the number of times each element appears in your chart. You’ll learn how the placement of elements in your chart influences who you are and what you become in life. Understand the relationships between elements and how they affect everything from your friendships to your career. Try it today!

   Diary of Destiny

Find out what to expect during the stages of your life with The Diary of Destiny report. This analysis gives you special insight into the five phases of your life: Birth, Youth, Maturation, Adulthood and Retirement. You’ll discover the themes, challenges, and opportunities that come with each stage and the best ways to bring wealth and prosperity into your life. Click here to see a sample reading!