The Year of the Metal Rabbit

How the Monkey fares:
If last year was a whirlwind, you might need to hang on for another wild ride. In the Year of the Metal Rabbit, things will probably ebb and flow without much warning. You’ll have to buckle down and do some serious planning in order to get the most out of 2011. With 3 favorable months, 1 neutral, and 8 unfavorable months, you might be in for a challenge. You have plenty of ingenuity and flexibility, so call on those strengths when things get sticky. The Rabbit favors peace and order, which could clash with your love of fun and games. Use your favorable months to get ahead and lay low during the unfavorable ones. You might not have a blockbuster year, but there are lessons to be learned. Seek out the moral of the story and try to live by it.

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