The Year of the Metal Rabbit

How the Rat fares:
In Vietnam 2011 is called the year of the Cat – and you have a Rat sign. Need I say more?! Actually I do. The rest of the story is it’s also a Metal year, and that’s your most favorable element. So even though this year is less than 50 percent favorable overall for you, you still end up with half of it going your way. And there’s more. Yours is not the first sign for nothing. You’re probably quicker, shrewder, and more charming than the Rabbit. Remember the story about the wolf in sheep’s clothing? Well if you dress up in Rabbit’s clothing, you can increase your chance of success. When someone rubs you the wrong way, put on your sweetest bunny smile, bite your tongue and enjoy the taste of blood as you fight the urge to give that idiot a tongue lashing. So avoid confrontation. But do pick your spots. There will be plenty of opportunities. Bunny style may not appeal to you, but if it gets you what you want, and it will, why not do a makeover. Next year you can revert to your old self as you soar with the Dragon.

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