The Year of the Metal Rabbit

How the Rooster fares:
What can I tell you about the Year of the Metal Rabbit? The ruling animal of 2011 loves peace, order, and harmony. Uh oh. If you’re a typical Rooster, you can be critical, nit-picky, and argumentative. So, you can see why this might not be your best year. Don’t fret, though. Your communicative, sensible, and generous nature can rise up to handle challenges in the coming year. With 1 favorable, 1 neutral, and 10 unfavorable months, you’ll have to work extra hard to nurture the qualities that please the Rabbit. Work on being more understanding. Leave criticism for only the big things. Get rid of your judgments and practice tolerance. Think of what you’d like to work on this year and put your heart and soul into becoming your best self.

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