Year of Wood Horse

How the Ox fares:
The Horse takes off at a full gallop. And the plodding Ox? Step back and take a look for a minute. What you see are two favorable and 10 unfavorable months. Not time to panic, but to think. What is best for you when it comes to dealing with challenges? You might want to work on those skills. In general I say avoid risks. Normally I would tell you to put new projects on hold until next year. Unfortunately the Sheep rules it, and that's your least favorable sign. Looks like you're just going to have to go ahead - cautiously. Your success this year is all about being true to your style. Trust me. That won't be easy. The Horse is going to stir things up and have events moving at a fast pace. Your mission is not to get caught up in the fuss. It won't be easy. You probably are a determined person - now's the time to show it.

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