Year of Wood Horse

How the Pig fares:
Now this is an improvement over Snake! But don't get too excited. Horse isn't exactly our friend. By the way, I say our because my sign is Pig too. It's actually being a Wood year that makes it a favorable one for us. Yes I know there are lots (nine) of favorable months. And fifty-seven percent is good - but not great. So here's how I'm going to deal with it. Bring on that Horse. Let's have some fun and excitement. And now for the other side of the coin. Horses have reins for a reason. They can get out of control or at least wander off if you don't tie them up. I'm going to have to watch my emotions. I can't get too caught up in the heavy duty action. No gambling. No unnecessary risks. I might meditate more than usual. And you. Can you keep it together? If so you could be in for a nice year. Remember. You can slow down anytime.

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