Year of Wood Horse

How the Rooster fares:
Normal. Some good opportunities, some difficult situations. You're probably good with details. Have some management ability? Now's the time to put those skills to good use. Is your cup half full or half empty? You have five favorable months. Make it happen. The Horse is actually your friend. It's Wood, the year element, that could be a problem. You see it clashes with your Rooster Metal. That means you have to make your Luck this year. It's not likely to come falling down out of the sky. And be careful. No sense taking unnecessary risks. It's ok to do some big stuff. But tackle them during your five good months. Be on your best behavior and stick to the tried and true in the others. To be honest it's up to you. Your attitude is the key. Be positive. Seize opportunities. Know it's going to be good. It will be.

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