Year of Wood Horse

How the Dragon fares:
Well what did you expect? Sheep style isn't likely to thrill the mighty Dragon. Still, you're looking at three months with lots of opportunities. But for most of the year…. Let's stop and think about this. How did last year go? Things move fast in a Horse year. Did you get caught up in a lot of stuff? If you're a typical Dragon person, you sure did. So what's a smart Dragon to do now? Might I suggest a pause that refreshes. Here's some good news. In Sheep year it's alright to pamper yourself. Take time off. Do what you have to do. And as for those good months, that's when you want to take care of the important stuff. But don't worry, you'll have lucky days in every month! Don't get too excited. This isn't the time to take a lot of risks. Nor to trust to luck. You get the picture. Things could turn out well if you stick to the tried and true.

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