Year of Wood Horse

How the Horse fares:
A curious thing. Sheep style's nothing like yours. And it's in charge this year. But, life looks rosy indeed - 12 out of 12 when it comes to favorable months. Now that's cause for celebration. Did you know? Sheep is soul mate to the Horse in Chinese Astrology. So I'm not surprised at the 74% rating. Let's step back a minute. You just had your year. Fast paced. Lots going on. Did you get caught up in everything? Stretch yourself thin? You did if you're a normal Horse sign person. You know what that means. Time to take it easy. Recharge the batteries. Actually, that's what the Sheep is all about. I'd go so far as to say you can pamper yourself - guilt free! You've earned it. Go ahead and take care of number one. Then again, you still want to charge ahead during the many lucky days you're about to have. Have a great year!

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