Year of Wood Horse

How the Rabbit fares:
Yippee! Will you look at that: 12 for 12. I'll take that any day. Of course some months are better than others. But I have to say, this year could be very nice for you. And why not? The Sheep's the Rabbit's best friend. So get out there and do your thing. It really doesn't matter what that is. The important thing's just do it. New projects. Big changes. Going off in a different direction. Taking a few risks. Now's the time to play big. There's only one thing that could slow you down. Emotions can run high with the Sheep in charge. And, if you're a typical Rabbit sign person, you know they sometimes get the best of you. So self control is something to keep in mind. And, you need to be sensitive to others feelings. It can be easy to hurt them in the coming months. And, other people may be having their own problems with self control. I bet you can handle it. Now go have a great year.

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