Year of Wood Horse

How the Sheep fares:
I know; I know. It's your year, so why only 66%? First let me say there's no grade inflation in Chinese Astrology. 66% is a very good grade. And look at all those favorable months - nine of 'em! Looks like plenty of good times to me. No need to fret over one unfavorable one. Speaking of fretting. There is one thing to watch out for in the coming months. Feelings. Emotions run high in Sheep year. Guess I don't need to tell you that. Generally they serve you well. But you know the old saying about too much of a good thing. A word to the wise. Self control wins the day. And as for other people, pay attention to their feelings. You're probably good with the touchy feely approach. That'll get you a long way this year. People are going to need the comfort you can give. Might as well play to your strength and do it. It'll only contribute to your success.

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