Year of Wood Horse

How the Snake fares:
I can live with that! The kindly Sheep smiles on the Snake - that's you. 12 for 12 isn't bad at all. I hope this Snake is coiled and ready to strike. You're looking at plenty of opportunities. And you'll find them in most areas of your life. You know the old saying, strike when the iron's hot. I'd say it's white hot right now. I can only see two mistakes you might make. The first, not getting in the game. Just do it. The second, not controlling your emotions. You see, in Sheep year they can run high. I'm not worried. You're probably good at self control. The bigger challenge may be the people around you. Don't be surprised if it seems like everyone's losing it. You can help though. Be sensitive. You're probably good at picking up vibes. Maybe the touchy feely, showing empathy thing isn't really you. Do it anyway. It'll help you make this year a real winner.

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