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Snakes love knowledge, wisdom, and learning. So this year focus on your Knowledge corner. The Knowledge corner of each room is located in the near LEFT-hand corner from the entry. This corner represents the tri-gram Mountain in the Black Hat style of feng shui. This Knowledge corner is where you focus to increase your inner awareness, understanding, and spiritual development. And Snake year is all about spiritual development. Be sure to keep your Knowledge corner clean, and do not allow clutter to gather there. A cluttered Knowledge corners equals a cluttered mind.

Your Knowledge corner is an excellent location for books, an altar, or spiritual objects. You can enhance this area with a bright light, a mirror, or a crystal ball to add illumination. Or add a wind chime, a mobile, or other moving object to keep this area active in your life. Fresh flowers and fresh plants are symbolic of fresh ideas and new mental and spiritual growth. But dried flowers and dried wreaths are especially not lucky in this corner because dried and dead things keep you stuck in the past.

The energy-producing items that can be problematic in other areas of the home -- computer, television, fireplace, entertainment center, stereo -- are all fine here. A computer in this corner can be used to acquire new knowledge.Television programs can open new doors to learning. A fireplace adds vitality to inner development. A stereo can inspire new growth from musical inspiration.

How many rooms in your dwelling? That's how many Knowledge corners are in your home, and every Knowledge corner can be transformed. A one-room studio or cubicle has only one Knowledge corner, but a home with many rooms has many Knowledge corners, one in each room. More rooms just mean more Knowledge corners for you to enhance for increased consciousness and spiritual development in this Water Snake year. Keep in mind that Snake is a minimalist so keep your Knowledge corners clean and tidy throughout this entire Snake year. Good luck!

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