Year Of The Metal Tiger Forecast for Kate
Birth Date and Time: August 14, 1986  
Your Chinese Astrology Signs:
Year: Fire Tiger
Month: Fire Monkey
Day: Metal Tiger
Kate, your horoscope is divided into two parts. The first details what you can expect from the year as a whole. It includes insights that apply to everyone as well as your particular sign. The second addresses how you will probably fare from month to month throughout the year. It features a favorability rating for each month.
Part 1
This part is divided into two sections. It begins by describing the nature of the Year of the Metal Tiger, that is, what everyone can expect from it. The next outlines how you are likely to fare overall, including four specific areas: career, relationships, health and wealth.

Hot passion meets cold steel with the arrival of the year of the Metal Tiger. This combined sign signifies both the energy to begin activity and the determination to follow it through to the end. Forget about last year’s slow plodding. Events set in motion now will pick up speed and continue until either the objective is attained or the whole endeavor crashes and burns.

Bold, cold Metal rules in contrast to last year’s pragmatic, calculating Earth. This difference will be all the more dramatic as 2010 is a dynamic, Yang year. Metal’s Yang aspect is extremely aggressive and does not tolerate opposition.

Unfortunately Metal has a destructive relationship with the Tiger’s fixed element, Wood. In fact this is the fifth in a run of six years governed by an unlucky conflict of elements. This should come as no surprise given the recent history of US and world financial markets, massive numbers of foreclosures in the housing sector, and the terrible tragedy that is Iraq today.

The combination of Metal and Tiger is not, however, a totally negative one. Together they represent the kind of force necessary to accomplish the most difficult tasks. The impossible just might be possible during this exciting time.

Things that have needed to get done but were not due to some blockage will be done or at least see significant progress being made. On the other hand, some that probably should never even have been attempted will also go to completion. This is because the Metal Tiger is associated with a lemming mentality. The Norwegian story goes that, once a group of them starts moving across the fields, they will charge ahead and unthinkingly run straight off a cliff to their doom.

The point is now is the time to attack the most difficult issues you face. You have one of your best chances of achieving a breakthrough. On the other hand, if you still run into stiff opposition, you would do well to consider postponing your attempt to another time. You see, the same force that propels you forward is also with those opposing your efforts. Thinkers can prosper, but lemmings could experience serious setbacks.

Since this is a Metal year, those people born in an Earth one will generally fare better than others of their animal sign, while those born in a Wood one are likely to do worse. It’s also slightly negative for those born in a Fire year and mildly positive for Water sign people. Finally, those born in a Metal year will be in their element and do well if their animal sign is compatible with the Tiger but could run into lots of confrontations if not.

The only thing we can say for sure is the year 2010 will be a tumultuous one. This is true for individuals, societies and the human race in general. It’s perhaps a better time for knocking down walls than building them. People who thirst for adventure and can reign in their emotions could experience a thrilling and rewarding year. Those who seek peace and harmony might find themselves running for cover more than a few times.
Your Sign
How the Tiger fares:
Your year has arrived, and you are likely to find it more comfortable than most. That does not mean, however, it will be more successful. This could be a case of too much of a good thing. Yes, you are lucky. Yes, you enjoy taking a risk. You can bet the year's ambiance will encourage extremes even beyond your natural inclinations. In other words, you are vulnerable to suffer from overdoing it, from living on the edge and falling off it. You are going to have a few splendid successes in 2010. On the other hand, do not be surprised if your failures are even more spectacular. Self control wins the day.
Tiger's natural leadership and charisma are enhanced this year, and you may find your ideas and initiatives get more traction than usual. It feels great to be listened to and treated like the boss. The only downside could come if you let this deference go to your head and fail to seek out others' expertise and experiential wisdom. Coworkers are not likely to reign you in, so you need to be extra vigilant to make wise, considered decisions and go out of your way to consult with respected peers and mentors. This year will present opportunities reflecting your wildest imaginings, but you will need abundant self-discipline in order to make them realities. Success is in your reach, but beware of pride and overconfidence; it is not a foregone conclusion.
Personal relationships are likely to be the Tiger's strongest suit this year. Your active and rewarding social agenda could be the envy of most others; expect to have fun in 2010. But even this pales in light of your prospects for love. Romantic passion is likely to be at its highest mid-year, which is also a very lucky time for a Tiger to marry. Domesticity could hold much of your attention at this time. You may get special satisfaction in 2010 from time spent on homefront matters and family relationships. If you are single, important friendships should develop pleasingly over the course of the year and become a central focus of your life. In the spring you could meet someone who will play a key role in your life, possibly as part of a celebratory event.
Tigers could suffer the effects of exhaustion this year without even realizing they have overexerted themselves. It is in your best interest to take extra precautions to ensure you get enough sleep, and to practice healthful exercise and good nutrition habits to allow your body to recover from overindulgence, of which there may be many instances. Intensity and high stakes in almost every area of your life make you feel alive but place stress on your overall health, something with which you may have to cope later. Let 2010 be the year you learn to love green foods. If you have experienced mental setbacks in recent years, you should benefit psychologically from new beginnings now.
This year is likely to bring an increase in the Tiger's wealth. Money could flow from unanticipated sources, and income is likely to increase. You will be best served financially by setting aside windfalls as savings. The temptation and, possibly, social pressure to consume your new profits could be strong. However, it would be a mistake to assume money will be here to stay. Maximise your financial opportunities, but don't lose your head. Consider making large purchases at a discount and hunt for bargains, even if you can afford retail markups. Wisely shore up your position for the long term.
Tigers often enjoy travel, and in the Year of the Tiger, you should not hesitate to seek your fortune in faraway lands. It is entirely possible you will win a trip or be an invited guest for an excursion to a new destination. However, one of your luckiest events is likely to occur while you are being a tourist in your own backyard, possibly researching local history or showing guests what your town has to offer. At home, or abroad, you should make an effort to see the local sights and attractions. This shouldn't be too difficult for you to arrange as your energy and enthusiasm could be unbridled in 2010.
Year Trend
Tiger is poised for success in any undertaking, but must practice self-discpline and watch out for the serious pitfall of overconfidence.
You are a Fire Tiger
This is a Metal year, and Fire exerts the most harmful influence on Metal of any element. As you were born in a Fire year, you probably should lower your expectations from that described in the above narrative. This is especially true when it comes to making money and improving your finances. You may also find that your determination and perseverance occasionally fail you.
Part 2
Kate, this part looks at your fortunes during the year in terms of its twelve months. Each narrative begins with a rating that allows you to instantly see how good the month is likely to be for you. These are unique ratings computed especially for the year of the Online Chinese Astrology. The narratives highlight the major influences impacting you each month and include suggested “do’s” and don’ts.
Monthly Forecast
February 14, 2010 -- March 15, 2010 Month of The Earth Tiger
32% Favorable. This is your year Tiger, but you need to be patient. Things will be swinging into action fast, so don't be discouraged if they begin a bit slow. Tiger in a Tiger month can be a cat fight. Avoid this by focusing on volunteer work and humanitarian efforts. Tone down your bravado, and channel your charismatic energy into work for a worthy cause. People will be enthused by the passion you bring forth to your projects. It's a month to keep it cool even when your impulses have emotions running high. Use that energy for doing good, and temper your ego. It's an excellent year for personal relationships, so begin grooming yourself now.
March 16, 2010 -- April 13, 2010 Month of The Earth Rabbit
48% Favorable. This could be one of those months where you feel you just seem to do more of the giving while others do more of the taking. You are not likely to face any serious hardships or conflict these days, but slight feelings of bitterness left unexamined could create uglier problems later. It could be this just happens to be a time when you are in a position to help others do what they can't do alone. What a marvelous place to be in! That generosity will come back to you later, directly or from an unexpected source. If you give of yourself, do it freely and with an open heart. Think how fortunate you are and guard against harboring poisonous resentment inside.
April 14, 2010 -- May 13, 2010 Month of The Metal Dragon
48% Favorable. You could be particularly well suited to take advantage of unique opportunities that will present themselves this month. You probably have the right skills, interests, and drive to put you right where you want to be. The biggest challenge will be effective collaboration and compromise. Work with others to achieve your goals, but acknowledge that they, too, have an agenda of their own and certain objectives at stake. Your potential is greater if you work as a team than if you go it alone, but accepting that it can't all be on your terms this time could be a a little difficult to swallow.
May 14, 2010 -- June 11, 2010 Month of The Metal Snake
22% Favorable. You could be the victim of an unrequited longing this month. The object of your desire may not actually be unattainable, but you should know in your gut if it is not in your cards right now. Try to take a philosophical approach to disappointment. Much of the attraction could be based on the mistaken idea that the grass is greener in other pastures. There is strength in keeping your head held high, even in defeat, and refraining from foolish acts of desperation. Take heart knowing that there is another path that is right for you, and when it appears it will welcome you. Unlucky days: May 15, 19, 21-23, 27, 31; June 2-4.
June 12, 2010 -- July 11, 2010 Month of The Water Horse
66% Tiger, Horse is your best friend and promises to take care of you this month. You should be in far better condition than you were a year ago. Reflect on your victories that have culminated since the beginning of your year, and forge ahead strongly. It's a great time to begin a new venture or take an existing one to the next level. You will have people dancing in circles around you and wanting a piece of the action, but be cautious. This month holds the same theme as the year - even luck has its limits, so exercise a little caution to ensure the best results in all areas of your life. Lucky days: June 17, 18, 25, 29, 30. Very lucky days: June 13.
July 12, 2010 -- August 09, 2010 Month of The Water Sheep
35% Favorable. A titillating romantic diversion could distract you from the mundane humdrum of everyday life this month. There's nothing wrong with a bit of escapism and intrigue. It is the Year of the Tiger after all, and after some recent let-downs, a bit of extra special attention from an attractive partner in crime comes as a welcome development indeed. Don't be surprised though if the excitement fades as quickly as it ignited. If you allow for some introspection, you may remark to yourself, "How quickly the tables turn"! Let your past experiences inspire compassion.
August 10, 2010 -- September 07, 2010 Month of The Wood Monkey
20% Favorable. Once a year, your nemesis will inevitably be calling the shots, but you don't have to allow Monkey to get the best of you! You already know his recipe for disaster. It starts with giddy excitement, leads to heated competition, and the juicy red cherry on top is a temptation so inviting you just can't resist. The game is rigged! Don't set yourself up for defeat. Has misfortune befallen you before? Don't return to the scene of the crime, and be on your best behavior. Keep a cool head and don't reach for the candy this time.
September 08, 2010 -- October 07, 2010 Month of The Wood Rooster
32% Favorable. Interpersonal relationships may appear solid on the surface, but beneath a glossy exterior serious communication problems could be festering. You may find yourself beset by criticism from people who you feel "just don't get it". A schism between someone's words and their actions could leave you confused about their true motivations. Your instincts are right; odds are that whatever their intentions, they are at cross-purposes to yours. Try not to go too far down the path of mixed signals and get clarification in writing.
October 08, 2010 -- November 05, 2010 Month of The Fire Dog
65% Tiger, Dog is very loyal and never forgets her friends. This month is no exception. Dog will take good care of you. Combine this with your innate luck and your sign ruling the year, and it's an unbeatable combination! It is an outstanding time for excellent results in your interpersonal relationships and your career. Use your luck and confidence to drive forward your projects that have been troubling you in months prior. For Tigers who have been playing and working hard, you will find the right resources to get the job done coming forth to you effortlessly. Your confidence and encouraging optimism sets a good example to those around you, and your true friends will shine brightly in your glow.
November 06, 2010 -- December 05, 2010 Month of The Fire Pig
66% Favorable. One of your best months of the year, you should be basking in the warm affection of the people who love and admire you. Even if you find your career takes a backseat to personal affairs this month, this should not be seen as a setback. Rather, it is a rare opportunity to focus on the people in your life who will be there for you in successful times as well as the trying ones. There may not be as much wild adventure in store as you often crave, but the rewards to be found on the home front should be equally fulfilling, if not more so.
December 06, 2010 -- January 05, 2011 Month of The Earth Rat
35% Favorable. A crossroads of sorts could be in store this month, and actions you take could set you down a path that will shape the next phase of your life. Of course, if there are decisions to make, that means there is more than one option. Rat is a creature of new beginnings, but also a creature whose traits are incompatible with Tiger's. You may be forced to choose between an opportunity to pursue wealth and security on the one hand, and a less-traveled path with more unknowns but also more adventure. There is no right choice, but there is a right choice for you. Search your soul for what is most important to you and you will have no regrets.
January 06, 2010 -- February 02, 2011 Month of The Earth Ox
18% Favorable. Conflict could exhaust your capacity to be productive this month, but only if you let it. On the other hand, if you acknowledge that an opponent is your equal (or near to it) you could make a reasoned decision to live and let live. With raw emotion and ego on the line, however, a truce may not be your style, even though it makes sense on paper. Whether you decide to duke it out, or fight your instincts and lay low, chances are you will feel dissatisfied with the result. Perseverance is favored, as is all the empathy you can muster. Reaching a mutual understanding with an adversary would be a challenging, but not impossible best-case scenario.