Year Of The Rabbit Forecast for Barrack
Birth Date and Time: August 04, 1961  
Your Chinese Astrology Signs:
Year: Metal Ox
Month: Wood Sheep
Day: Earth Snake
Barrack, your horoscope is divided into two parts. The first details what you can expect from the year as a whole. It includes insights that apply to everyone as well as your particular sign. The second addresses how you will probably fare from month to month throughout the year. It features a favorability rating for each month.
Part 1
This part is divided into two sections. It begins by describing the nature of the Year of the Metal Rabbit, that is, what everyone can expect from it. The next outlines how you are likely to fare overall, including four specific areas: career, relationships, health and wealth.

The year of the Metal Rabbit promises to bring some much needed peace and tranquility. If you are like most people, you probably feel like you were on a roller coaster in 2010, the year of the Tiger. That will generally not be the case in 2011, as the Rabbit is everything the Tiger is not.
Let there be peace, and let it begin with me is the Rabbit motto. The Tiger makes waves, but the Rabbit mends fences. Diplomacy reigns. If you want to improve your chances of success, you most often want to negotiate and cooperate rather than try to force your ideas and methods on others. It’s also a time to kiss and make up. Forgive and forget. Let’s all get along. Make love not war. If last year the emphasis was on excitement, it now is on harmony.

This does not of course mean there will be heaven on earth. You can find good and bad in every year. Still, looking back at the last reign of the Metal Rabbit, it’s hard to deny there were significant, Rabbit-style developments. In April 1951, for example, the Treaty of Paris was signed, establishing the European Coal and Steel Community. This was the first of several organizations that eventually became the European Union. A significant event in Asia in July was the beginning of armistice negotiations that eventually led to the end of hostilities on the Korean peninsula. And, in September, Australia, New Zealand and the United States signed a mutual defense pact (ANZUS).

The Rabbit is also very much about good taste and refinement. In March Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King and I began a three year run on Broadway. In July Judy Garland opened the first of 14 concerts in Dublin, Ireland, at the Theater Royal, and Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland premiered in London. In October An American in Paris premiered in New York and went on to win six academy awards. One of America’s classiest actresses, Audrey Hepburn, began her route to fame in November, as the lead character in the Broadway play, Gigi. In December the movie African Queen, starring KATHARINE HEPBURN and Humphrey Bogart premiered in Hollywood.

Self indulgence is another Rabbit theme. By all means go to the theater, spend time at the spa and patronize those great restaurants you love. On the other hand you do want to be careful about not overdoing it. And, you can bet the Rabbit will put lots of temptation in front of you. This is especially true if you belong to the Rabbit’s group, that is, your sign is Rabbit, Sheep or Pig. These, however, are the people most likely to have a great year. If you are one of them, make an extra effort to follow your dreams, seize opportunities, and enjoy the moment. Other signs with excellent prospects this year include the Ox, Tiger, Snake, and Dog. Those that might want to hold back a bit include the Rat, Horse, Monkey, and Rooster.

There is a common theme here. Active people who always seem to be on the go are likely to be unhappy with the Rabbit’s leisurely pace. They can find themselves in trouble if they try to move faster than the prevailing one. The Tiger, being the Yang to the Rabbit’s Yin, can still do well by modifying its style. This year the cautious, slow but sure approach is likely to win the day more than a charge ahead one. The question, then, is what to do in a so-called, peaceful year? Education, for one. Leisurely travel could also provide a nice experience. That means the museum circuit as opposed to trekking the Himalayas. And, pursuing your hobbies, be they ballroom dancing, bridge or gardening is a very Rabbit thing to do and will bring you many happy moments.

The Rooster is the sign most likely to encounter difficulties this year. If this is your sign, you are probably feistier than your friends and family. Your love of debate, nitpicking attention to detail and argumentative side all run contrary to the Rabbit’s fundamental, peacemaking nature. If you can’t keep this tendency under control, you may feel you are frequently trying to swim upstream as you pursue your goals.

So far it’s been all about the Rabbit. The fact that 2011 is a Metal year is almost as important---and for two reasons. Since this is a Metal year, those people born in an Earth one will generally fare better than others of their animal sign, while those born in a Wood one are likely to do worse. It’s also slightly negative for those born in a Fire year and mildly positive for Water sign people. Finally, those born in a Metal year will be in their element and do well if their animal sign is compatible with the Rabbit but could run into lots of confrontations if not.

The second reason is the Metal Rabbit is not that cuddly, soft, little ball of fur you see in the pet store. Metal gives this bunny a competitive, aggressive side. It is cold, sometimes insensitive, oh so different from the Rabbit. The Metal Rabbit, then, is the most unlike the other five breeds of this sign. So, there will be some confusion from time to time in 2011. What will predominate at any given moment, the gentle Rabbit or steely Metal?!

Thanks to the Rabbit, this is a Yin Metal year, so steel may be too strong a word. There could be some aggressiveness when it comes to fighting for a cause, but it is not likely to be a dominant attitude. Yin Metal is also more thoughtful in contrast to its Yang counterpart that often pushes ahead without thinking. And, under the Rabbit’s influence, there is more empathy and sensitivity with only the occasional lapse.

A final word. The Rabbit should give most of us an opportunity to pause and catch our breath after a hectic 2010. It’s a time for peacemakers to shine. But, it will have a metallic edge to it. From time to time aggressiveness will suddenly materialize and disrupt the peace. For those who revel in a slow pace, however, it promises to be a most enjoyable time.
Your Sign
How the Ox fares:
The Year of the Metal Rabbit should bring progress and expansion for you. The Metal element exerts a beneficial influence on Water, which is your sign’s element. Did you have a bumpy ride last year? You still might hit a few obstacles in 2011, but you’ll have 10 favorable months to look forward to, and only two not-so-favorable months. If you’re a typical Ox, you might need to work on being less stubborn and learning to bend with the wind. Compromise is your friend. Yes, I know you’re a tough and powerful creature, but you might butt heads with others if you’re forceful about being right. Borrow some creativity and gentleness from the Rabbit. Raise your expectations, and practice diplomacy to get what you want.
That saying about pulling your weight must refer to you. As an Ox, you’re no stranger to hard work, and this year will require your steadfast focus. The Rabbit’s influence might make you even more stubborn than normal, so make sure you keep relationships with colleagues and clients in good shape. Are you feeling out of place at your current job? It might not be the right fit. This year could bring a career change for you, but you’ll have to plan things carefully and slowly. The Rabbit favors peace, order, and systemization. Get your ducks in a row. Smile, even on your bad days. Try being more of a team player.
While things should remain steady on the home front, you could have a few challenging moments in the land of love. The Rabbit is strong and stubborn like you, so your relationships might feel strained. Are you dealing with other strong personalities? You might not show your soft and sensitive side to everyone, but can you show it more to your loved ones? Harmony and order will be important this year. Work on your communication skills and heal any rifts with estranged friends or family.
If you’re a typical Ox, you might be a bit of a foodie. Did you let your diet go last year? If so, 2011 is a good time to restore balance to your digestive system and make sure you’re eating healthy. If you have any long-standing health issues, it’s time to address them from a holistic approach. A sensible diet is one piece of the puzzle, but consider the other factors that encourage balance and wellness. Exercise. Relaxation. Meditation. Laughter. Make sure you’re getting a healthy dose of each or you could burn out quickly.
As the element of our year, Metal also rules several months in 2011, including the month of the Ox. You’ll have several Triple Metal days – where the element of the year, month, and day all match – which could make for some incredible luck where money is concerned. Make sure you jump at the opportunities in your favorable months but exercise caution in the unfavorable ones. More than anything, it is your Oxen diligence that will reap the most rewards. Avoid any get-rich-quick schemes and instead just let your talents bring in prosperity.
Since you have so many favorable months, you might want to plan a trip or two. It’s a Rabbit year -- make sure wherever you go is luxurious and relaxing. A beach-side cabana at a Mexican resort? A five-star hotel in the Hamptons? If you have some extra cash, make it a vacation to remember. Enjoy doing new things and taking lots of pictures. During your unfavorable months, it’s best to stay home and focus on making your nest an orderly and beautiful place.
You are a Metal Ox

This is a Metal year. You were born in a Metal year. That's good for being in your comfort zone but not necessarily for your luck. Stop. I didn't say you were going to be unlucky this year. Not at all. This element relationship is neither good nor bad. So?

The key is to understand the Chinese meaning of luck. Luck is not a fickle lady that shows up at any old time. It's not a lady at all. Think of it as good timing, doing the right thing at the right time. In every year there are right times. In fact you have two whole lucky months in 2011.

Earth is the element that produces luck for your Metal sign. This year there are two Earth months, Earth Dog and Earth Pig (September 27 to November 24). That's when you want to take that vacation to Rome, start a business venture, get married or buy that new home. If you're going to Vegas, go in the Fall where your luck is at a peak.

The other side of this coin is avoiding times when luck is against you. Fire destroys your (Metal) luck. So during the Fire months (July 31 to September 26) do the opposite. Don't go to Vegas, schedule a wedding, or sink a lot of money in a new business.

Bottom line: Whether you have a lucky year or not is up to you. Take advantage of auspicious times. Avoid the unfavorable ones. Then good luck will be yours.

Part 2
Barrack, this part looks at your fortunes during the year in terms of its twelve months. Each narrative begins with a rating that allows you to instantly see how good the month is likely to be for you. These are unique ratings computed especially for the year of the Online Chinese Astrology. The narratives highlight the major influences impacting you each month and include suggested “do’s” and don’ts.
Monthly Forecast
February 03, 2011 -- March 04, 2011 Month of The Metal Tiger
Element:Metal Month:Tiger Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
Now that the year of the Tiger has come to an end, it’s time to lick your wounds and recuperate after what was probably a wild ride! Order is likely to be restored under the influence of the Rabbit, although you can probably expect a few ups and downs. You’ll need to ride the tide when it’s high and trudge through the muck when it’s low. Square away home or personal matters that need attention to ensure stability and safety for the coming months. With Metal influencing both the year and the month now, you’ll have a few opportunities to possibly increase your wealth, so grab them while they last on your Triple Metals days of the 4th, 5th, 14th, and 15th. Your Ox day on the 27th or the Snake day on the 23rd might be ideal for getting your bearings straight and making sure you’re prepared for any challenges.
Financial Outlook :
If last year did a number on your bank account, don’t fret -- your financial diligence could pay off under the lucky influence of the Rabbit this time around. While it may start off a bit rocky, this year could be much more conducive to landing the job or career you set your sights on. You might need to be cautious about over-spending and make a working budget for the next 12 months. Take advantage of those Triple Metal days to pay off outstanding loans, get caught up on your mortgage, or invest in a safer car if you commute. Things might seem difficult, but make sure office drudgery doesn’t get the best of you -- your hard work is important right now
Love :
You might want to skip the parties for a while and avoid wasting your time on pursuits that yield no tangible rewards. You’ll probably find it more enjoyable to hang around the house with your partner finding fix-it projects or home improvements to work on. Take care not to be too overbearing with your spouse or children. If you’re single, spending some time alone might be better than hitting the town to find love. Why not spoil yourself a little with a bottle of wine and a bubble bath on your Ox day of the 27th? Throw in a romance novel, and you’ve got yourself all the love you need for the night.
Sex :
You may find yourself at an important astrological crossroad now: to commit, or not to commit – that’s the question! Don’t push for a long-term relationship if your partner is not ready. You don’t want to come off as needy or high maintenance. Try not to let the Tiger’s lustful influence sway you into making an impulsive, passionate decision on the spot -- you might regret it as soon as the next morning. You might want to put off important decisions about sex for a more favorable month. If you need to make a decision about your current lover, wait until your Snake day on the 23rd, which could bring important flashes of intuition.
Lucky Days : February 2, 7, 14, 15, 17, 19, 23, 25, 26, 27
Love Days : February 8, 9, 13, 15, 20, 21, 23, 27
March 1, 2
March 05, 2011 -- April 02, 2011 Month of The Metal Rabbit
Element:Metal Month:Rabbit Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
Remaining stoic, reserved and thoughtful will pay off as you move into the month of the Rabbit. Things might begin to go your way, so try to revel in small pleasures and the comforts of home and security. You’ll probably find yourself in a general state of ease, which should bode well for smoothing over rough spots and fixing what might be broken. Exercise, diet and relaxation should be your mantra, so be mindful to keep your environment peaceful and calm. Encourage others to enjoy the more beneficial ways of your living. Six triple Metal days on the 6th, 7th, 16th, 17th, 26th, and 27th could bring opportunities for money-making, so forge ahead toward your full potential where your professional life and personal finances are concerned.
Financial Outlook :
This month could bring fortune for you, but perhaps not quickly. As unstable work conditions become smooth and routine, expect to see opportunities open up for you that were not available before. Take advantage of the chance to organize your business and personal bank accounts, especially on the 6th or 7th. If you think working late will get you ahead, go for it. You stand to gain impressive headway on projects or stake claims on important discoveries that will take your progress and profits to new heights.
Love :
While you may experience positive changes in love, be prepared to talk over small problems as they arise to prevent them from getting bigger. Do not be afraid to enforce relationship rules and discourage unfair play. Games probably won’t get you anywhere right now. Outings on the town should be full of socialization, while dinners at home should be reserved for alone time. On your lucky love days of the 16th or 18th, consider taking a short trip. Travel that doesn’t involve a sizeable amount of money could be an opportunity to rekindle love flames.
Sex :
As amorous relationships unfold, feel the stress melt away. Your sex life will probably be full of relaxing indulgences, so enjoy the comforts of love-making. If your romantic partner isn’t pulling his share of the weight or is being insensitive to your needs, try leading by example to bring more bliss to the bedroom. On the 21st, a lucky day for romance, enjoy the pleasures of food and drink as a form of foreplay. A little red curry or spiced rum will probably bring the heat you’re looking for.
Lucky Days : March 7, 13, 15, 19, 25, 27
Love Days : March 8, 9, 15, 17, 21, 22, 28, 30
April 1
April 03, 2011 -- May 02, 2011 Month of The Water Dragon
Element:Water Month:Dragon Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
As the month of the Dragon arrives, you might find people, instead of situations and circumstances, to be your most significant opposition. Others may get under your skin or seem to be sabotaging your success. While it’s probably more about personality conflicts than deliberate destruction, rely on trusted friends and allies to help you get through tough times. Try to let quarrels slide, as you’ll have enough to handle right now without getting involved in petty arguments. Stay firmly within the good graces of all with whom you associate. Two Double Metal days on the 14th and 15th could help you bring in more wealth, but you’ll have to get creative. Remain mentally and physically alert this month so as not to be scraped by the Dragon’s scales.
Financial Outlook :
When you engage in risky business, you risk losing business. You might be tempted to engage in daring power plays to maximize profits, but it might be wise to stay conservative for now. Interesting situations may arise at work, but try to keep your cool and make sure your boss is happy with your productivity. Anything that seems to be too good to be true probably is, so be careful about counting your eggs before they hatch. Whether in the traditional sense or through contingency plans of your own design, having an insurance policy to fall back on could be a good investment. Shop around for insurance on the 14th or 15th, or hire someone to help you get the best plan.
Love :
There may be unforeseen obstacles lurking around the corner in your love life, so be cautious about running into things quickly. If you have a tendency to be stubborn with your significant other, you might witness a temper tantrum or become entangled in an argument. Remain modest and fair with your loved ones and be sure to be a good listener. When unexpected roadblocks are thrown your way, you will then be able to rely on your mate to help you pull through. Use your lucky love days on the 6th and the 12th to make gestures of appreciation. Get your partner’s car washed or pick up some tasty takeout to show how much you care.
Sex :
Novelty and flamboyance might be themes in the bedroom this month, but they’re not really your style. Your traditionalist values and brand of common sense might cause some conflict with a lover who is not so normal. Avoid worrying about whether or not you appear prudish to your friends or sweetheart. Your modest dependability and displays of private passion will be enough for the right partner. On your Ox day of the 15th, you might be feeling more confident than usual. Take the opportunity to step out of the box just a little. You can stay true to your style while still having fun.
Lucky Days : April 6, 8, 15, 16, 18, 26, 27, 28
Love Days : April 3, 6, 8, 15, 16, 18, 28, 30
May 03, 2011 -- June 01, 2011 Month of The Water Snake
Element:Water Month:Snake Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
As you move into the coming weeks of the Snake, I’m happy to report this month could be your best this year. The opportunities that are likely to arrive will probably bring growth and expansion in your career and social circle . You may attain newfound respect from those who already regard your usual determination as impressive. Stay calm on the surface but dig deeply into both emotional sentiment and deep, contemplative thought. You’ll have two Double Snake days on the 14th and 26th that should bring periods of introspection and creativity. When you think outside the box, the world around you becomes larger and more meaningful.
Financial Outlook :
Your colleagues probably can’t help but say great things to say about you this month. Who wouldn’t, considering your knack for sticking-to-it and doing great work? Maintain a general air of determination as you harness your talents into something that yields results. When you happen upon the opportunity to develop professionally or enhance your current knowledge, meet it with enthusiasm and an open mind. You may discover your new-found skills can help pay the bills. Use your Double Snake days on the 14th and 26th to meet with creative business partners or consultants. Your big ideas might be easier to implement than you think.
Love :
Bring your emotions into the spotlight and let your feelings be known. In your relationship, ask questions or attempt to know your significant other in a way that brings you closer. Do a little research and find out what makes your partner tick. If you have recently found a new love interest, try to express your feelings honestly. Things will probably move smoothly where romance is concerned, so do something that will create meaningful memories, especially on your lucky love days of the 12th and 15th. Cook your partner their favorite meal or write a love note that expresses your sentiments.
Sex :
Take some time to praise your mate’s enthusiasm in the bedroom. Are you making sure to meet your lover halfway? If not, you might need to step up your game. If you feel a pull toward the dark and mysterious in your romantic life, embrace the urge and let wild seduction commence! Now is a great time to treat your special someone to a luxurious sexual experience. Express your dedication to the fullest, especially on your lucky day for romance, the 20th. Go to a murder mystery dinner or see another form of live performance art. The mysterious and magical should peak your sexual curiosities.
Lucky Days : May 6, 12, 14, 18, 24, 26
Love Days : May 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 21, 22
June 02, 2011 -- June 30, 2011 Month of The Wood Horse
Element:Wood Month:Horse Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
Moving in to the month of the Horse, social challenges may bring conflict to long-standing relationships or create problems in your professional life. You and the Horse are not great companions, so remember to exercise discipline when it comes to your emotions and curb impulsive urges. If you feel like you’re being tested, use some well-directed introspection and consider if you may be exacerbating problems or creating them for yourself. Two Double Horse days on the 8th and 20th might inspire you to exert your independence or break away from the herd. When interacting with others, treat common goals as priorities and leave gripes to be addressed once the dust has settled.
Financial Outlook :
Unforeseen events may have you dipping into your savings when you had planned to spend conservatively. If financial challenges come this month, both procrastination and get-rich quick schemes could spell trouble for you. Are you tempted to do things your own way because you think you’re right? It may be in your best interest to remain a team-player instead of forcing your will on co-workers. Approach your budget with common sense and try not to let your emotions or mood influence spending. Keep in mind you can save first and spend later, but that it’s often difficult to do in the opposite order.
Love :
Your calm and serious nature is probably much-appreciated, but try to also develop a certain amount of lightheartedness when it comes to love. When dealing with conflict, carefully manage your displays of emotion to avoid hurt feelings or miscommunications. If your current relationship seems without direction, consider setting some attainable goals with your significant other, especially on your lucky love day of the 22nd. When those close to you fail to meet your stringent standards, remember all the ways they have earned your love in the past.
Sex :
This month has great potential to imbue your love life with equal amounts of passion, spontaneity, and frustration. As the winds of a month influenced by the Horse sign change daily, you may find joy in loosening up a bit to go with the flow. Go wherever the mood takes you this month, as it may involve finding new ways to make your partner happy. What sounds like fun one day may be passe or taboo the next. You may find sensual inspiration where you least expect it if you dare to challenge your traditional beliefs.
Lucky Days : June 5, 14, 15, 25
Love Days : June 4, 7, 9, 15, 19, 23, 24, 30
July 01, 2011 -- July 30, 2011 Month of The Wood Sheep
Element:Wood Month:Sheep Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
As you approach the month of the Sheep, you might have to avoid the temptation to become discouraged. What could be a difficult few weeks can also be punctuated by important learning experiences. Patience is key. If you’re feeling frantic, consider how both physical and social activities could provide an outlet for your frustrations. Even if staying close to home feels comfortable this month, keep good friends close at hand. Take suggestions and remain ready for anything. A couple of Double Metal days on the 14th and 15th could bring you opportunities to make some extra money, which might be the bright spot in an otherwise difficult month.
Financial Outlook :
Few financial investments return a quick payoff. Are you feeling impatient about money? It would probably be wise to dress for success at all times since your opportunities may be few right now. If you notice a feeling of general complacency where your career is concerned, you may need new challenges. Use the 14th and 15th to brainstorm about a creative business idea. Something that brings a fresh perspective on the way you get your work done can help your productivity level increase in leaps and bounds.
Love :
If you share similar ideals and values with your loved ones, you might enjoy better luck in relationships than other areas this month. Focus on family and home life, but take time for a posh dinner outing or an elegant dance event with your partner if you start to feel humdrum. Remaining patient and dedicated to the future of you and yours is of the utmost importance in order to outlast petty problems that may arise. Engage in healthy exercise or sports with other couples, especially on your Ox day of the 9th.
Sex :
Staying home with the one you love might be the most blissful activity that you can hope for this month, even if nothing sexually productive comes of it. Kick off your shoes and lock yourselves in. If you find yourself falling asleep alone at night, put on your best clothes or favorite outfit and go out in search of a new love interest. Single or not, the act of lovemaking is most meaningful when it’s with a friend. Playing the waiting game now may help you to secure the most perfectly compatible relationship in due time.
Lucky Days : July 4, 5, 8, 25
Love Days : July 1, 19, 22, 23
July 31, 2011 -- August 28, 2011 Month of The Fire Monkey
Element:Fire Month:Monkey Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
When the Monkey comes to town, you can expect a whole lot of wild antics. This month might be challenging for you since your nature is probably more reserved and serious than our ruling animal. If you can strike the delicate balance between hard work and play time, you might feel more productive in general. You could come up with new solutions to long-standing problems or think of the next big idea at work. If others don’t share your ambition and drive, be cautious about lashing out at them. Your temper is powerful. Keep a smile on your face and try to befriend people who might be able to help you.

Financial Outlook :
This month might not be prosperous for you, but your creativity and resolve should help keep your bank account steady. If something seems like a good investment, make sure you turn your analytical scrutiny toward the fine print. Consider what is at stake for you if you happen to embrace financial irresponsibility this month. A new friend likely holds the key needed to secure an opportunity. Buy him or her coffee on your Rooster day of the 10th and discuss how you can partner together.
Love :
If your relationship is not evolving the way you want it to, this does not mean you should give up entirely. Are you discouraged by a difficult lover? Focus on holding on to everything you consider dear during tough times, especially your loved ones. Fretting when things are not great will probably make the situation worse. It will likely be important for you to bite your tongue in the coming months and offer support when you want to snap. Try to anticipate problems in your relationships. Brainstorm solutions now for what might come down the road, especially on your favorable love day of the 24th.
Sex :
Whether single or taken, it is all about confidence and dedication right now. Keep things simple and be honest with yourself and others, because there is no way you can fool people with the Monkey around. If you can get out there and prove yourself to be a desirable mate, you could meet with great success. Avoid extremes in emotion or action. Remain cool under pressures in the bedroom. On your Ox day of the 14th you’ll probably feel more confident than usual. Take advantage by scheduling some play time with your mate.
Lucky Days : August 4, 13, 14, 24
Love Days : August 1, 8, 13, 16, 20, 28
August 29, 2011 -- September 26, 2011 Month of The Fire Rooster
Element:Fire Month:Rooster Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
Your preparedness could meet opportunity as the Rooster arrives this month. Make sure you are in the best position to take on new challenges, as you’ll probably encounter all sorts of possibilities for doing better. Resist temptations to procrastinate and see your goals through. You stand to be unstoppable as long as you do not get in your own way. The power of several lucky days on the 9th, 11th, 15th, and 21st should be on you side, so make sure you’re doing important things when it’s favorable. A super luck day on the 3rd could usher in the answer to a problem or grant you a wish you’ve been dreaming about.
Financial Outlook :
This month try to harness your positive energies for decision making. Networking with others may prove to be essential if you are seeking ideas or funds. The opportunity exists to use friends and allies in forming your very own think tank, from which new information and insight can be put to good use. Use your lucky days—the 9th, 11th, 15th, and 21st—to meet with friends or colleagues about your plans. Call on resources and people from the past in order to form the right relationships.

Love :
If you are not already enjoying a stable relationship, this could be the month where you are most likely to find one. You are likely to see established bonds or ties in a new light. Surprising amounts of clarity may develop about an old flame or a platonic friend. Is there potential for a love match there? Strive to keep things stable on the home front, and you’ll probably enjoy the rewards of your efforts. Remain confident and open with those you trust and enjoy the same in return from them. Use the 4th or 18th—lucky love days—to organize your home with your partner to make it more cozy and inviting.
Sex :
Confidence in the bedroom will probably be yours right now. Are there opportunities for travel or adventure? Maybe a spontaneous trip to Mexico or South Florida? Now is the time to play your full hand, laying all your cards out on the table for your partner. Enhanced intuition and communication with your inner animal this month is likely to have you filtering advice from others and recognizing great ideas when you hear them. Listen well to the object of your affection. If you’re single, consider how you can exude self-confidence while still remaining humble.
Lucky Days : August 30
September 3, 9, 11, 15, 21
Love Days : September 5, 7, 8, 14, 16, 19, 20
September 27, 2011 -- October 26, 2011 Month of The Earth Dog
Element:Earth Month:Dog Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
With the Dog’s influence this month, your circle of friends and family may prove to be your lifeline in the coming weeks. Make sure you’re treating them well and giving back all the support you’ll probably receive. You might be more sensitive than usual to emotional upsets or criticism, but try to toughen up your exterior to create a buffer. The opinions and judgments of others should probably not be taken to heart. You know who you are and what you stand for. Take advantage of two Ox days on the 1st and 13th to get grounded and assess your progress. While you’ll probably need the help of others, make sure to spend time alone to gather your thoughts.
Financial Outlook :
Try to avoid making financial decisions based solely on your gut feelings. Secure your investments and make sure you have a plan for the rest of the year. If you’re skeptical of a financial situation, keep in mind that not acting is probably your best bet until you’re sure of the outcome. Supplementing your funds with a savings account now could be a wise idea, especially on your Double Metal days of the 2nd and 3rd. And, don’t let others pressure you into spending money you don’t have.
Love :
If you’re single, restoring contact with estranged loved ones and friends may lead to a new romance. If you’re attached, you may have to spend some time and effort mending your current union. Perhaps you feel like an argument was not your fault; try to grin and bear it to work through it anyway. If you have children, this month is especially important for taking care of them. Despite your family commitments, make sure you’re reserving time for yourself on those Ox days I mentioned, the 1st and 13th.
Sex :
Being honest and fair with your partner is extremely important now. You might need your lover to come to your rescue, so make sure you’re being truthful. With the sign of the Dog influencing this month, be aware of what you say in the bedroom to ensure it’s not cruel, sarcastic or disagreeable. Maintain good manners when it comes to sex and try to stay optimistic even if you’re not feeling frisky. Do you need some inspiration? Explore a history museum or watch a documentary on tantric. Seeing sex through the ages might motivate you to get naked.
Lucky Days : Ocotber 3, 12, 13, 23
Love Days : September 28, 29, 30
October 9, 13, 15, 21, 23, 26
October 27, 2011 -- November 24, 2011 Month of The Earth Pig
Element:Earth Month:Pig Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
As the month of the Pig begins, take a short breather and look back at your recent accomplishments. Consider how, with organization and planning, you can complete an ongoing project in the coming weeks. While it will be important to work hard right now, you may have a bit of free time that should probably be used for some much-needed R&R. It could be time to fix things up around the house, finish old projects, and tie up loose ends that have been dangling far too long. Surround yourself with family and friends and prepare to host company that might show up at the last minute. You should have a fairly enjoyable time sharing food, drinks, and laughs with agreeable folks.
Financial Outlook :
If things go well and investments pay off, consider what action you took to yield those positive results. Meditate on how this favorable outcome can be achieved again in the weeks and months to come. Some additional organization and bookkeeping might be beneficial where your current finances are concerned, but you may need to hire help for this. Innovative ideas you have this month deserve to be acted upon or at least looked into as possible stepping stones to success. If you take initiative on the Rooster day of the 2nd or Snake day of the 10th, you might be able to end one thing and begin something better.
Love :
For your family, partner and yourself, this could be a great time to brainstorm ideas for travel or adventure. Whatever it is that would put you most at ease in terms of leisure could be good to explore. If you’re single, you may be able to count on a new partner wanting to become more seriously involved. If any friendship or love interest seems worth your effort, give it your all. This month it may feel as if you have all the time in the world to spend with those you care about, so do just that—especially on your lucky love days of the 3rd and 9th.
Sex :
Indulge in as much extravagance as you are able to this month and delight in pampering your significant other. Put on your silk pajamas or share a spicy meal. Anticipate the needs of your love interest and consider going above and beyond. Is there someone that seems enamored with you? If you are not as interested, put a contingency plan into place now and start counting the exits. It’s likely this person will want something more serious soon.
Lucky Days : November 1, 2, 20, 22
Love Days : October 27
November 1, 2, 6, 15, 17, 20, 21
November 25, 2011 -- December 24, 2011 Month of The Metal Rat
Element:Metal Month:Rat Sign:Ox
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Overview :
The Rat’s influence this month could encourage you to be a bit bolder and more spontaneous than normal for you. As we near the holiday season, frantic and hectic feelings may leave your head spinning, but you’ll probably be happy running around taking care of things. If you’re overwhelmed by a multitude of social commitments, projects at work and family demands, make sure you’re watching out for your mental and physical health. Channel your ingenuity and creativity, especially on your Triple Metal days of the 1st, 2nd, 11th, and 12th. You may have the chance to bring in some extra cash for holiday spending or travel.
Financial Outlook :
Take a step back and breathe deeply. You don’t need to stress about your finances this month as much as you think. While gambling or impractical purchases are certainly not advised, you may be letting monetary concerns interfere with other areas of your life. Use those Triple Metal days I mentioned to do your holiday shopping and cross things off your to-do list. As long as you have been sticking to your financial plan for the year, you should be secure.
Love :
Find a home improvement project your whole family can work on together this month. Perhaps redecorating a room or guesthouse could be a task that brings everyone together. You might need a project to focus on, so why not chose an activity that will bring peace and comfort to the home? You may find you are drawn out of the house more than usual by social or work commitments . While you might not be feeling super festive, try to spread some holiday cheer anyway, especially on your lucky love days of the 7th and the 21st.
Sex :
With all your commitments this month, you may find that you don’t have as much time as you would like to spend with your partner. What time you do have together may be wrought with more important things than sex, but don’t underestimate how much a romantic rendezvous with your spouse can clear your head and prepare you for the rest of your busy day. Package up some holiday cookies for your loved one and attached a naughty note on your lucky romance day, the 18th. Sweets will surely express your sentiments.
Lucky Days : November 29
December 2, 4, 11, 12, 14, 22, 23, 24
Love Days : November 30
December 1, 2, 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 22
December 25, 2011 -- January 23, 2012 Month of The Metal Ox
Element:Metal Month:Ox Sign:Ox
Your rating for this month is:
Overview :
As the year comes to a close, perhaps you can find some time to reflect on the progress you have made the past 12 months. Hopefully you feel as if you’ve made headway in your personal and professional relationships. If you can keep using your time effectively, you’ll probably start off the year of the Dragon with a bang! Triple Metal days on the 31st, 1st, 10th, and 11th could help you end the year on a high note and usher in some more money. Maintain your momentum even if you have to urge to lie down and relax after the holidays.
Financial Outlook :
You may find you’re eager to improve your current job situation. It is probably best to make a plan before you set forth with any new professional pursuits, as a hasty decision could make things worse. If your current job has not rewarded you with a promotion or an increase in responsibility this year, it might be time to move on to bigger and better things. Your determination and enterprise can help you get what you deserve in the New Year.
Love :
You might want to spend the majority of your time this month developing stronger relationships with your family. Can you find ways to make even the most mundane activities fun with your children or partner? While you may be tempted to focus largely on your career, it’s important to balance out your time equally between work and home. Have a family gathering on the 8th or 14th, your lucky love days, and invite long-lost relatives. Good food, drinks, and quality time should renew your spirits.
Sex :
As this year comes to an end you may be tempted to take a relationship to the next level or make dramatic changes in your love life. Engagements and exclamations of love are likely now, so prepare for some romantic date nights. It should be very obvious to you whether or not your current relationship is something to be proud of or gotten rid of, so figure out which it is. You might need to cut ties with an unhealthy partner, so take care of any important conversations on your lucky days—the 6th and the 7th. If happily things are going good, show your appreciation. Dress sexy; be sexy; and do sexy.
Lucky Days : December 31
January 1, 3, 4, 12, 13, 21
Love Days : December 26
January 15, 20, 21