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Lucky Days
Thinking about calling it quits with your honey? The best days to leave a relationship are the 2nd, 9th, 10th, or 12th. And if you need a little downtime after severing ties, how about working in the garden and getting those fall herbs going on the 3rd or 15th? If it’s time to upgrade your look, get a haircut on the 23rd—the bolder the style, the better. Family matters? Hang out with your posse on the 11th, when you can straighten everything out. And if you’re going to sign contracts, just make sure you do so on the 3rd or 15th.

Unlucky Days
Planning a wedding? I hope it’s not on the 6th, 8th or 11th—those days could bring some trouble. (Rain, anyone?!) And if you’re moving into a new home, try to avoid doing so on the 22nd or 28th, as bad karma might strike the real estate market. Feelin’ frisky? By all means, hop to it, but you might want to avoid the bedroom on the 1st or the 8th. And if you’re ready to confront your boss about a raise—or anything else—just don’t do it on the 15th or 17th. Lighting could strike!

By Mara Tyler

"He is clear and seems to be having a good knowledge in Chinese astrology...he has even differentiated the options for more clear understanding."

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"Bill has really great knowledge of Chinese Astrology and he is very prompt in his responses. I also visited his website and found it quite useful. Thanks Bill for all your help and suggestions and I'll definitely contact you again soon. I think Chinese astrology calculations are better than western system with around 90% accuracy. My best wishes for Chinese Astrology and Bill Hajdu. Take care."
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Hello there, my fellow lovers of Astrology, my name is Bill Hajdu. I have been studying and practicing the art of Chinese Astrology for over twenty years. During this time I’ve been blessed to meet people like yourself through both in person and online consultations. I have spent the last seven years working with my son (he’s the techy!) to build a collection of online reports, calculators and content that will help you learn more about yourself and those you love. We have been featured on, Audrey Magazine, the Houston Chronicle and I am really looking forward to the launch of our online community where I will be able to directly work with you as that is where my true passion lies.